Have you ever taught someone SF successfully?

I don’t think there’s much of a point in trying to teach someone SF; there’s WAY too much of a comittment that’s required to actually get someone to play it and develop a passion for it. If they don’t discover it own their own or have a history with it, chances are they’ll just act like they’re interested and play with you until y’all stop, then he’s done with it. I can’t even get anyone to stick with Minesweeper. Has anyone actually taught SF to a friend or someone and saw them stick with it and become a success?

not sf, but i taught reset marvel… now he owns me in it :sweat:

^ yet the fucker still owns me at cvs2 and st for freeeeee.

god i love nsj

edit- wtf are we doing in FGD?!

Well I am in the process of teaching a girl how to play SF. She’s not really motivated to learn the game seriously as of right now. She’s one of the active types that can’t sit there for hours and practice. She’s also really impatient so that’s why she doesnt like CvS2 as mich as 3s.

However, she said she’d enjoy it more once she actually got good at it but I don’t see that happening anytime soon since she isn’t even motivated to learn. She says she prefers to watch people play or watch match vids.

She does remeber some of the stuff I taught her like taunt usage in 3s and Grooves in CvS2 but it will be a while before she gets good at it.

Since she is a girl, naturally all her characters/teams would consist of all girls. So for 3s she picks Chun-Li cause I told her she was one of the best and easiest characters to learn for begginers. But her execution sucks, bad! So I told her to learn how to execute Chun’s standard combo : c.mk xx SA2. Until she can do that consistently , we wouldn’t continue any further.

Something that annoys me about her though is that she has a lack of confidence in herself. It’s hard enough for me to get her to play one game in front of people.

The first time I tried to teach her, she said she didn’t want to learn anymore because I was pushing her too hard and critcizing her about everything.
But yeah, to answer your qyestion, as of right now my experience isn’t that successful. But hey, all in due time.

i taught my friend’s little brother how to play smash and he’s pretty good at it now

I taught a friend how to play KOF. He could testify to it too.

Also, my friend’s sister pretty much learned some basics from him and created her own Ibuki style, if I remember correctly. Shit’s the hotness.

Dude. I hope she gives you some sexin’.

Any chick who’s willing to sit with a guy to learn SF is not there to only learn SF imo.

I was taught by 2 members on the board back in the mid 90’s. Now I’m better than one of them in just about everything but MvC1&2 games because I don’t give a shit about it, and I’m about equal with the other one in everything but MvC!&2 because I don’t give a shit about it.

About 2 years ago I taught someone CvS2 and KoF, in about 2 weeks of play in a game he never played before, he surpassed me with certain characters. It was the fastest I’ve ever seen anyone learn a game that technical, he truly was born with a gift to play 2-D fighters. He also progressed very quickly in the KoF’s but to this day hasn’t reached my level of skill.

I also taught my mom Tekken, she’s fair at it with most characters, and very good with eddie (big suprize). She plays SF now and again, but lacks any type of motivation to get good at it, she says the buttons hurt her hands when she plays it, I say she’s full of bullshit, she just doesn’t like the game I bet. On a side note: I suspect her favorite character is Yamazaki despite the fact that she acts like it’s King (AoF).

Oh yea, and I agree with boxer, she doesn’t give a shit about SF, she does give a shit about you, just bone her if you haven’t alrdy.

I tried to get someone into fighting games… in the end, he stole my SFA3, Rival Schools, and MvC1 games; I never saw him after that day.

His “KOF for Dummies” 2 hour crash course indeed did work for me. =P

I got my friend to move from SC2 after it died to 3s (yes, despite the fact that I hate this game). I said learn 3s. he said ok. I said www.shoryuken.com. He said aight. Now he’s learning and stuff.

I taught my wife and her friends to play SF

my wife traning in 3s right now!! she play as Ryu SA3!!..=)

Taught my grandaughter how to play SFA2 and SFA3.

I enjoy teaching people how to play fighting games in general…though I am an SNK buff I believe the concept of fighting games is one in the same…many things are universal which is why I can play KOF, Sam Shodown, Alpha 3, 3s,T5, Sc3, Garou, ST, NGBC, ROTD, Last Blade and more you get the picture…

it all starts with fundamentals…and in order to get good you must have the passion above all…then my formula breaks down like this:

50% knowledge (forums, match vids, doing research, experimentation)
50% application-Playing good people/better than you, tournaments, EXPERIENCE.

All this can help you get good…but without the passion and the dedication to go as far as you want to go…you may be just average…bc in order to be one of the greats or even better than good you’ve gotta go the extra mile…bc in this day and age everyone jocks match vids and stuff like that…play like everyone else and you will be just like everyone else…so dont be cookie cutter,…use the match vids and knowledge as a frame work…NOT THE BE ALL how to play…develop your own style…find what fits you…dont do it just bc "such and such is top tier and Daigo plays Ken this way or Justin Wong plays Chun this way so I GOTTA PLAY THIS WAY’

Thats gay. I play Chun Li very different than most people in 3s…does that mean I am a “scrub” or use “scrub tactics” bc I do that? Nope…I play how it suits me…and my Chun is RUSHDOWN. All that matter is results anyways…so style of play doesnt matter as long as it gets the job done.

As far as being the best in concerned…that takes time and dedication and goes back to going above and beyond what the regular people do…and when you are defeated getting back up and coming back stronger…

EDIT: IMO, the people that are the best aka your top players write the book (figuratively and literally speaking like Valle, Choi, Mopreme, Daigo etc) in other words they come up with the groundbreaking stuff, they think outside the box(are not afraid to try something different/Crazy or unconventional), they are “leaders not followers.” They lead the masses with new stuff…which begs the question for everyone, since to each his/her own and whatever you choose is your decision-

Are you a leader or a follower??? I am a leader…

-Dark Geese

Yes I have. Maybe I’m a better teacher then player

looks for these results…


People are way too concerned with copying someone, to the point where they hinder their own skillset. A lot of people make poor decisions and take BAD risks because they care too much about appearing to be like someone.

I say go for it, if you want to copy Justin’s chun, go ahead. Just remember that his chun is actually good, so if you want to copy it, you have to be good too. Justin’s chun is top 2 at evo, member of the sbo team, etc… etc… if you want to copy that i don’t see how anyone can be against it.

IMO “there are no good leaders who are not good followers”

I used to be pretty horrible at teaching. When the early fighting game boom came out, and I wanted to show someone how to do it.

In the last year or two when I was playing 3rd Strike a lot, my girlfriend actually want ed to know how to play. She loves Elena, which isn’t really the best character to start with. And while she had a lot of trouble at the start…(this was a few months ago) when she picked up the controller again just a few days ago, and I was teaching her Super Arts, I made sure to watch what she was doing, rather then the screen.

Once she does the first-quarter circle, her thumb flies off the control pad, then slides back down to do the 2nd quarter circle. So I simply said, “No, you’re thumb goes too far off, keep it on the “forward” direction, then slide back down quickly to do it again”

Right after that, she was able to do Spinning Beats all night.

I taught my friend Marvel and he’s as good as me pretty much.:pleased: