Have you ever...?

Have you ever used a certain character in one game because they resemble or feel like a character from another game?

Example: I am a Cody fanatic. I can’t wait until he is released for SFxT. Until then, I’ve been hopping around seeing if anyone feels like Cody while playing them. I think I’ve found a decent substitute. I’ve chosen Raven as my substitute. Now I’m sure a lot of you may not see the similarities, but try and look at it from my point of view.

Raven has his Alter Ego move. To me, those feel a lot like the Ruffian Kicks. He also has the Crossed Ninja Stars. While it can be done in the air, it feels like a Bad Stone because of speed and time it takes to activate. Sure a lot of the normals aren’t anywhere near similar but I can’t help but be reminded of Cody every time I Alter Ego someone as a combo finisher.

So I’d like to know. Have you ever picked up a character because they felt like a character that isn’t in the game?

I’ve had a friend say he uses Ogre because he can’t use Seth. Don’t know where he gets the similarities, (maybe because they are both boss characters?) but he says they feel similar.

The Ogre thing is because they look similar/based off same model.

In response to the question, I try to a lot of the time, but it usually don’t work out. I usually find I have different styles from game to game due to the balance being completely different. When I first went to SF4 I played Dhalsim (a character who I never played even since the SF2:CE days). I first went to SFxT expecting to play SF chars and ended up playing mostly Tekken chars.

Also gotta take in to consideration that even in sequels, the same character isnt quite the same anymore.

Yeah Ogre is just a green Seth
Seth + Clothes + Green skin - Yin yang ball = Ogres character model