Have You Found Your Perfect Character?


I’m just curious if you’ve found your perfect character in terms of moves, tools, strategy, etc?

I don’t know if it’s at the cost of balance, but I can’t seem to find a character that has all of the tools that I’m looking for. There are a couple that are close, but even with the top contenders, there’s a thing or two that I think they’re lacking.

I have a feeling that a lot of us are in the same boat, but I’d like to see.


Yes. Bison is the perfect match for me. Whenever I choose another character, I dash into moves thinking my invincibility frames will protect me and get bodied instead. He’s just so good.


There is no perfect character in sf5 they are all based around having certain weaknesses.

Urien comes the closest for me. His weakness is hard to use AA and no 3 framer. But he has good everything else so… I like him a lot.


Since her nostalgic costume is available Ibuki.


I would’ve maybe kept on playing Ryu, if his CC buttons were more useful (like st.HP/HK not whiffing crouchers).

So no, not yet.


Mained Laura since day 1, never felt as comfortable with another character before. So much that when I play other characters in this or other fighting games I often find myself thinking “meh why can’t I do this or that that Laura can do”. Her fireball is fun, her setplay is fun, her frame traps are fun.
I think part of my enjoyment is due to the fact that she’s a better Abel, a character I really wanted to play in SF4 but felt weird and limited to me.


I want it to be Ed but looking at Abigail he feels more like the kind of character I’d main in 3D fighting games.


Chun-Li main now and forever


Forever like the time it takes to scroll through your sig.


No! I played dudley in SFIV and liked his high low mixup and slugger style gameplay with no fireballs … in SFV I like urien the best, would have loved to play alex but hes just to awkward…




I’m having too much fun with Mika. So yes, I’ve found my bitch.


Not in SFV.


Juri, hands down, and it’s the most abusive relationship ever 'cause she sucks, but the play style is just on point with what I like.

@Chun-Li_Forever for the 1st time I’ve actually clicked on your signature and I now realize she is not holding a mango in your avatar


@ZioSerpe lol, nah, as you probably seen, it’s just the cover of the current Chun-Li comic my friend and I are working on. And that “mango” is nothing more than Balrog’s glove.

My love for Chun-Li reaches far beyond online gameplay (as you can tell), but even still, Chun-Li is and forever will be the character I will use until the day I die. TBH, I have always like fighting games, but SFV was the first game I wanted to really get into and dedicate myself to getting better than i was (i sucked so hard back growing up in the arcade generation). And even though there were better characters to start with (like Ryu), I instantly jumped to chun-li because I not only liked her gameplay, but she had a great personality, a fascinating backstory, and we just clicked together. And though she is a charge character (and her strongest BnB is one of the more challenging), and even though she doesn’t hit as hard, and requires a lot of high execution and patience to master, I am enjoying every second I play as her.


Elbow is hard to use?


I did. Ryu in season 1 was the most fun character I ever played in any fighting game. Unfortunately, that was brutally murdered before our very eyes. Some things are just too beautiful for this evil world.

I haven’t found anyone else who even comes close in terms of pure enjoyment.


@Chun-Li_Forever it’s okay to love Chun but maybe you should have a smaller sig like literally the rest of the users of this forum.
(Sorry if I have to repeat myself, he didn’t seem to get it the first time)


Play urien and find out :slight_smile:


I can’t think of a fighting game I actively played where I haven’t found the perfect character for me.