Have you heard of Vic Vance?



I have. He was the best Dudley in North America.

What are your thoughts?


Vic appreciation thread

I like :tup:


It was impossible for me not to because I live in SoCal. He used to be a Chun player.




AneurysmX i don’t know what your’e LOLing about we’re trying to discuss Vic Vance. Have you heard of him? I know his name sounds like a porn star but I assure you, Vic Vance is in no way affiliated with the porn industry


Idk I mean sometimes watching him is like watching a snuff film. Bitches don’t know about dahd-u-rey.


I came every time there was a Victoly vs Iron Fist match in the FFA ranbat videos.


Im confused C Royd were you high when you made this thread lol.


i dont smoke or drink, commonsense. You know that.

I’m just trying to give props to Vic Vance and was hoping to discuss some of his dudley strategy. I dont know any other dudleys. He is dudley.


He pretty much only played on the west coast and in the ranbats out there. Not very many Dudley’s in the U.S.


oh there are dudleys, but none the likes of Vic Vance


Watching Vic play in person is pretty incredible. Vic is a wall, and IMO had the best execution/reactions in socal. He rarely… and I mean rarely missed hit confirms.

Props to Victoly!


I think the reason anyone was laughing is cos we might as well start appreciation threads for all the great AU, US, and JP players for every character.

Other good U.S. Dudleys include Epsilon and Surewin/Sherwin :slight_smile: I think there’s someone called EMC or something like that…Denjin arcade player. My fave’ Vic Advanced matches are in that Dudley requiem video that shows how he handles Chuns.

I think the best thing to do is expand on this topic and point out great Dudleys in general and then watch some of their YouTube matches. Hong is probably my favorite AU player in general, and a good Dudley. There are matches of him beating RX…


This thread is to discuss Vic Vance strategies and setups and mind games and to appreciate him seeing how he’s the only Dudley that exceeds everyone else’s skill. You’re “hong hong hong” and i’m cool with that so why can’t I make a thread about Vic? Is there really a problem with talking about a specific player? I’m a really good Dudley trying to acknowledge an even better dudley. I don’t see how we can become better Dudley players if we don’t analyze Vic’s gameplay.


vic is the best.


i played him a few times at FFA when i use to go out there a few years ago… even in my prime, i couldnt have had a chance.

there used to be some combo videos of him… but hes way better in person i think.


wait, so is dudley his best character?


yea, i heard he was playing ken for a while too.

ya’ll should just PM him. hes on these forums too. LOL.


lol! :encore::encore::encore::encore:


HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA oh man JR you are the king of kings. You’re lucky that in Toronto, 3rd strike is about honor and respect.