Have you landed this combo?

are you reading these words?

hmm not sure if many people come in here, lol.

Anyway, has anybody ever landed a shoulder after a st. forward xx sj. short dive kick (whiff)? I’m talking about doing his regular combo into his Lv2 elbow super then shoulder, st. forward etc. I’ve tried it quite a bit but never got it to combo once, even when it looked like it blatantly should have (ie it looked like the sprites just went though each other). I know it’s possible because I’ve seen it on a sirec vid. Or is it a case of it being a silly 1 frame link thing where you have to dive at the first possible moment and shoulder at the first possible frame too? or is there some weird canceling going on to make it connect? I ask only because i’ve heard people say that it’s actually immpossible.

Also I just landed this combo for the first time

jab, short, strong xx lv 2 super xx jab shoulder, forward xx sj. short dive kick, forward xx sj forward dive kick, forward xx sj. jab, fierce.

I try it all the time but have only ever landed it once.

EDIT: getting used to the dive kick timing and this combo is getting easier. I think it’s still far too hard to be practical in a real match but it’s fun in casuals.