Have you played against ppl with over 10K BP on XBL?!?

Hey guys,
Just curious if anyone on the forum have actually played or challenged ppl with over 10,000 BP via XBOX LIVE. IF so, was it a really tough battle for you? I am currently sitting with 3800 BP plus or minus, and having a really hard time passing the 4K mark. I have encountered a few ragequitters with high BP but majority of them are very good players indeed.

ummmmm i faced like 2 guys with 11,000 bpish

felt like any regular ranking match meaning you win some/ lose some

it all depends i guess

I made a match 2 weeks ago and the number 1 in battle points came in and beat me…

Was it a good game? Hopefully not a ragequitter like the one over at the ps3 platform :sad:

i’ve even challenged a few of the top ranks
just for the laugh to see how good they are!didnt happen!
but they never seem to be in my category on searches which is about 2k plus! but anyone who got there and didnt rage is obviously pretty damn good at this and more power to them!!

only against people with over 9000

I am over 10k if anyone wants to do a ranked match.

It never get’s old, does it? :wgrin:


Recently broke 10,500. Had my save data corrupted back when I had 6k. Had to get it all back all over again.

For some reason I thought things like BP would be tied to your gamertag

Thats the way it should be, unfortunately getting BP by boosting online can be really easy since it’s saved via the HD/Memory Card. I’ve run into several people much higher in BP than they should ever have been, simply due to the fact that they don’t lose BP on a loss. Ragequitting ends up being even more stupid, since you blatantly are showing the opponent that you are not going to take the BP hit…and looking like a douche. I’ll play someone around 10,500 BP maybe 3 times or so, and every time I win and come back their BP is still 10,500 without a ragequit.

Yeah, i met the 8th best on XBL, and I won 6 matches XD (WTF) but he told me he wanted a rematch when he fixed his arcade stick… (and he did) and I won again XD i guess BP doesn’t mean anything

“I am over 10k if anyone wants to do a ranked match.” i can play u, and lose :stuck_out_tongue:

I played some douchey guile player with 10k bp. he sat on the other side of the screen and I beat him by time out both rounds. nigga YOU dont fuck with me with time outs. I am a cvs2 player. I am naturally more used to turtling than most sf4 players in general.

unless you want an infraction this time instead of a warning,
start to…

t o n e i t d o w n

oh I didnt know I cant say “F*%K” or “ni@@a” anymore. guess I will shut the FUDGE up…

I really should stop playing sf4. this thing is gonna give me a RAGING heart attack or something.

I fought a Dan player with over 10,000 BP the other day and I beat him, he didn’t quit either good match to, can’t remember the name though.

I know the leader BigCityDez he plays on jtv channels

played a Rog with the gamertag “busta wat it is” and was pretty much the best player ive faced since i got the game, i think he had around 10k BP and i think he’s a part of this community

Yeah… I played a turtle Zang player once and zoned him with Bison for two rounds before he disconnected with a few seconds lefts.

Name was kicka55takename and he had over 10k BP. T’was the last BP match I will ever play.

I played some bison player with like 10,100 bp?(I think)

His gt…

sf4 development

So i either played someone on the development team or someone who was bored enough to change their gt to that.