Have you seen me?


Okay, so I picked up this el cheapo converter a few months back off of Amazon for something like 7 dollars in order to try and play DDR on my PS3 and now I need something for the fight stick I am building to convert my PS1 PCB. So, I’ve tried a few test runs with this and the PCB and I don’t really notice too much delay, but there may be more that I am missing that I can’t tell just by eyeballing it, so I wanted to ask you guys, do any of you have any idea what brand this thing is and if there are any comments to be made about its reliability? The thing has no identifiable brands on it, with the only writing being Player 1 and 2 on the top, as it’s a dual converter. I am probably going to be buying an inPin from Laugh just the same, but any help would be appreciated, thanks.



Looks like Super Dual Box Pro by Mayflash.



I have one of these. I bought it from eBay a few years ago for using a PS2 controller on my PC. Works fine, never had any problems with it.


arent adapters locking up ps3’s with the latest firmware?


I have the same adapter and its pretty laggy on PS3. Not as laggy on PC but still laggy enough that I can’t do kara throws in 3rd Strike.


you should just but a cthulhu board from toodles and call it a day