Have you seen this Stick

Hey whats up been on the site before but i decided to make an account had to ask a question.

Went to fry’s was looking for some stuff and i found 2 boxes of Street Fighter 4 Tournament Edition Round 2. One had the image thats on the box as the background with white buttons.

The one i decided to buy has the red blood swooshes as the background with red buttons. I CANT find red buttons in any online, so i ask all you if you have any idea why this one could have red buttons lemme know. The plastic circle seals on the box are still on there so i don’t think anyone could of replaced the buttons.




So you bought a first release TE that is inside a Round 2 box?
And the TE has red Buttons?

I smell BS of some sort

NO BS! Swear.

The stick is black based so it is a Round 2 stick. Just the buttons are red the seals are still on the box. There is no “Reduced price” sticker that frys puts on shit thats been returned so it’s new.

That has got to have been replaced.

lol, yea someone opened up the box and did some dirty work alright.

Seals aren’t broke and the box isn’t ripped at all. Doesn’t look to be opened at all before.

Those buttons look like HORI’s and that definitely does not look like Round 2 TE’s.

Both original and Round 2 TE has black Base.
It is color of the Sides that are different.

Original has white.
Round 2 has black.

if you look carefully at the top middle hex screw it looks like the screw has been taken out befor. can you get some shots of the whole stick itself rather it beeing in the box

Looks like maybe Hori buttons… Someone probably Yanked the Parts, and returned it…

Nah, if you’re going to return it, best to not remove it.

I thought Buttons look like Hori too.

And I’m trying to look at the screws also.

Hmm, at the last picture, on the left part of where the sticker seal is, is that paper tear I see? Similar to what happens when you rip rip off paper, half sticks to the tape, the other half stays.

If you look closely, it matches the red lining on top of it.

Looks like someone had a T5 stick and decided to get a free upgrade :rofl:

So you think I should return the stick?

Agreed. As curious as I am to see if they are infact hori buttons, I would Return that ASAP

Those plastic seals aren’t even that hard to bypass anyway. Looks like some dude got him some free buttons and possibly a round 2 stick.

For some reason, I think OP is trolling us. If you’re not trolling us, return that shit.

lol hori buttons.