Have you told your parents you're a Sagat?



How did they feel?


and your rep bar is so high… why?


At first they didn’t accept it, especially my dad. But when I introduced them to my Sagat friend they started to see I was always a Sagat and will always be a Sagat.


well my parents didn’t think it was a good idea, but once they saw double roundhouse to ultra, they all at that precise moment in time… became sagats as well.


You’re a saggot.


They told me that it was a choice, and I wasn’t born this way. They sent me to bible camp.


My family and friends didn’t speak to me for weeks. Eventually they allowed me to attend family get-togethers and things seem to be getting better.


I wish I could rep you, TC.


I killed them and ate their body parts;


Will you be my accountabilibuddy?




well ive never been felt as though I was the same as the other guys.
then one day in college( after a couple drinks) I had my first Sagat experience.
I really opened my mind, to who I am.

MY mom said she knew all along,
my dad killed himself right there on the spot, upon delivery of the news.

Being a Sagat is not a choice, its just who I am…


I come from a long line of Sakuras… And we hate Sagats. Bullies, thats what they are.


lol so much win in this thread.


I called my dad a sagat and ate a standing round house. :confused:


My parents caught me Tiger Shooting another guy, and it has never been the same between us.


I told them I was a sagat, then they started calling me fagat


to the op: have you told your gamefaqs buddies that you post on srk? haha j/k this thread is hilarious.


i was scared at first, being a shoto all these years. i was always taught to hate sagats! but mago came into my life, and i havent been the same ever since.

no they dont know… yet. im afraid if i tell them i will just be srk>fadc>ultra.


LMFAO!! U w1n :encore: