Have you weighed down your sticks?



I have two sticks, HRAP3 modded with all Sanwa, and a FS3, with a JLF and all Sanwa.

Typically I use my FS3 on a desk for use with my PC, (PC ver of SF4 and anything MAME) and my HRAP3 for my PS3… Anyway this weekend i decided to add an additional mod to my FS3 and that was weight !! And lots of it… and I can tell you now, it’s the best mod I’ve done for it… It weights like a Battery Backup now… heavy as heck and it doesn’t budge at all when getting heavy handed with it in the heat of combat.

I managed to find a couple of leather pouches that are filled with lead metal granules… They are like small bean bags as such, used in the art industry to hold down opened up canvases… Anyway being a soft leather they easily squeezed into the tight restricted spaces of the innards of an FS3. I managed to get two of the suckers in there and the thing is so much better and has a much higher quality feel to it also… And they also act as sound dampers inside the stick which gives an overall smooth feel on the click of the JLF and Sanwa’s.

Anyway thought i’d share this info with all you others… Definitely has seemed to improve my games also… Will not be doing this on my HRAP3 cos for lap play it may be a little too heavy. But for desk play, you can’t beat it !


I was thinking about doing this with the modded SE I’m getting soon, sounds like a great idea considering I’m a lap player, I don’t want my stick sliding around all day.


I’ve done something similar with concrete washers from Home Depot and wrapped them in a sock 8^P. I’d built a stick out of poplar wood (really light wood) and didn’t like the floaty feel during battle. I like the leather sack idea though…


Also there are scuba gear lead weights, they are meant to attach to a belt buckle. The bean bags are better for smaller sticks, but if you have a large custom and want it heavy, you might be able to find one that fits in your stick. The benefit of this is if incase the leather pouch punctures or the seam rips, you would have little lead granules in the carpet for the baby or dog to eat.


Go to walmart and buy BBs or Airgun pellets. They weight a lot and you can get a huge container for a few dollars.


Go outside and grab a rock.

free :smokin:


While you’re in Walmart stop by the photo counter and ask them for their extra film containers. They just send them back for recycling so they should have any issue giving you the extras. Trim off the edge of the lid, fill them with BBs and tape it up and you can fasten them where ever you want. That’s what I did.

I’ve since added to more to the stick.



Haze pretty much won the thread guys. Haha I’m tempted on weighing my SE.


this is over now


Like to see that fit in my FS3…




I think the SE and TE are perfectly weighted so don’t feel the need to add any more weight.