Haveing a problem with my stick question


one of my buttons i notice recently doesnt respond sometimes. for exp i would be doing light punches and sometimes it just goes out and does not read no mater how hard i press but this only happens for a short time. i am planing to buy new parts but my question is, is the problem coming from the button or the wire for that button. because if its the wire should i even bother buying new sanwa buttons for my se stick. if anyone could help me out would be big thanks:wgrin:


Is the SE stick stock, or did you swap out the buttons already? Because the SE stock buttons are terrible.

To test if it’s the quick-connect try swapping the LP button quick-connects with say the LB/L1 button.


Sounds like the stock buttons running their course

What you should do is crack open the back, and find the wires to the problem button(s). Pull off the quick disconnects, and pull back the vinyl sleeves. Then, touch the two tabs together. This is what the buttons do internally, connecting the two sides together. If it works fine, it’s your button(s), and Sanwa parts will indefinitely fix. But, sometimes the PCB has problems with triggers. But, you say it is problem with light punches, and not roundhouse or 3 kicks.