Havent been on AIM in 3 years. Whats new with it?


I mean in terms of those shady utilities most people are using these days?

I remember many years ago a few female friends of mine had AIM gadgets that could present yourself as offline away, or whatever combination that you couldnt do with regular aim. Im paranoid and wanna know if the gadgets have been updated to the fullest.

Like can people see your buddy list now? I dont use IM, but some cute chick might make be break that idea. I just dont want her seeing all the info about me right away. Especially profile info that hasnt been updated in 3 + years.


Something must have spawned this topic.
I await juicy details!


I haven’t messed with the official AIM client in over 5 years. Pidgin (or Adium depending on your platform) offer all of the functionality you’d need.

Not familiar with these “gadgets”, you can most certainly present yourself as offline and continue to chat with people through Pidgin). I’ve never seen or heard anything about people seeing your buddy list though…