Haven't done this in a while. (AV request)

I’d like someone to make an av with this: http://www.angelfire.com/planet/pokemons/images/anime216.jpg

I usually go to Sasmasta for my av needs but I wanted to change it up (no offense to him cause he makes godly av’s)

I’m hoping someone who has never taken a request from me would do this. Like shatta or yeahdood. Not them particularly(though it would be nice), just giving examples.

Any ways. I’d want the background for it to be kinda white/blue (kinda like a cloudy sky) and if possible make the crescent moon on his forehead glow.

It doesn’t have to have my name on it, but if you think it’d make it look better or more original, go for it. If my name looks too bulky though, just put “SH”

And if I could have a cool, maybe animated border as well, that’d be nice too. Just as long as it doesn’t take away from the actual picture.


:u: loving it.

Maybe make the moon animated (like a glowing effect) and get rid of the “SH” part. Makes it seem too cluttered.

:sweat: Other than that I love it.

epp1e: that’s awesome. what fonts did you use in that av?

:d: sweet. thanks for the info.

I’m full of fail & can’t do animated shit, so if someone else wants to take care of that part for SH gogogo.

“SH” was with CreativeBlock BB
"Stuart Hayden" was with Corpulant Caps BRK

i would do it for u playboi but i needs some images

Check first post, sir. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll sport the Epp1e one till Gumz gets around to doing the edit.

awwwwwwwwww one of my fave poke’s <3

As is mine.

Teddiursa/Shuckle/Mime Jr/Elekid are some of my faves just to name a few.

Teddi and Shuckle are easily in my top 5 though.

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