Haven't logged in a few years. account just vanished?

It keeps saying no record is found with that username/email… i see my username when i do a search for it…it shows people quoting me and my name is actually a hyperlink in threads… I’m guessing either its because its been a few years or because you switched over to this new forum? I would like it restored if at all possible please. my username is electricballs. message me and i can verify the rest of the info. thank you very much in advance

have you tried to just register that username again?

accounts are purged from time to time.

I would but i don’t want it to copy over my old one. It’s not just my name i’m after, its all my old stuff.

So accounts that have given you guys money via premium subscribing are purged randomly with no set time and no notice given before it happens?

and when you say purged you meen beyond recovery?

Pretty much.

If you haven’t been active for a couple of years…your account gets the purge.
Premium Members are not exempt from that.

and can they restore your account once its been purged? I’m a web developer. i keep periodic backups of everything and would expect such an established forum to… it’s common practice. and seriously you guys should look into a notification email or at least a set amount of time elapsed so we know. You have to look at us as customers because we are. Customers aren’t trying to hear that their stuff got deleted without notice beyond repair

Everytime there’s been a server change and stuff like that, the admins would put an announcement here in the forum for important things such as avatars and accounts. I also remember that several of these announcements mentioned something about eliminating inactive accounts. I don’t know where you’re getting this “without notice” thing. Also, I’m sure SRK does keep backup info, but when you’re a site that recieves millions of hits everyday, you have to start cleaning your data from time to time.
Just register the username again bro, you’ll be fine…

I would expect they did notify people on the forums. Inactive people however can’t read that since they are inactive. A courtesy email or account restoration via backup is how webmasters handle this especially when money is involved. I thought this site was more professional than this because of the millions of hits as you mentioned. Oh well, I activated my account as you mentioned and am now 0 posts, all threads gone, and join date reset… Got all the qqing out of my system. Lesson learned.

I got an email when we went from VB to Xenforo…

Just sayin…

What’s this, are you really crying because of an account on a forum? LoL.

Do you cry like a little baby after every lost match you play online also? This issue is pretty much similar in how much it will affect your life. LoL

I had an account on this forum made in 2003, tried to log on 2 weeks ago but the account didn’t exist. It was pretty easy to deduce that the account was deleted when forum was updated. You know what I did? I just make a new account and have fun. Zero shits were given about something so inconsequential.