Having 2D Style fighting and 3D Style fighting in one game - would it work?

To get a quick visual of this, let’s imagine a game like SFxT and Kazuya://A going against Kazuya://B. Except Kazuya://A plays with a 6 button scheme like he does in SFxT and Kazuya://B has the 4 button “limb” scheme from his Tekken 6 counterpart (never mind the fact that Capcom already has a 4 button scheme worked out for the Tekken characters, which I still have no idea how that’s going to work).

Here are the pros and cons for each Kazuya, starting with Kazuya://A

All of these are assuming both Kazuyas jump at the same height (same height as any Street Fighter or 2D fighter, not hopping height like in Tekken), and both Kazuyas are able to sidestep by holding down a button while pressing up or down.

**Kazuya://A **


  • not restricted to a predetermined list of combinations, resulting in better mix-up game, as the player can easily vary high and low attacks.

  • generally quicker, as all animations cancel into each other so long as they are "link-able"or part of a magic series.

  • has access to a sweep by simply pressing down HK


  • does not have access to Kazuya’s full moveset. There are only so many normals/command normals/special moves you can fit on one character with a 6-button scheme

  • harder for beginners to grasp, as combos are pretty much up to the player to create on their own (I guess this is more of a Con for beginners really, lol).

**Kazuya://B **


  • has full access to move set.

  • generally easier for beginners to grasp, as all moves and combinations are right there in the command list.


  • much more predictable and less potential for mix-up.

  • generally slower, as animations flow from one to another, instead of being cancelled into each other like Kazuya://A

I’m sure there are more pros and cons to be found for both 2D and 3D styles, but that’s all I can gather now. If well-implemented, I honestly think this could work in a game, but since 2D style is at an obvious advantage, I think it would balance things out if players did less overall damage when choosing 2D style. If 2D style is meant for intermediate to advanced players anyway, they should be able to maximize as much damage as they can, while not exactly blowing 3D players out of the water. 3D style may be easier to play and do more damage, but it is still slower than 2D, so if the player is not skilled enough, he may not even be able to touch the 2D player.

However, if 2 experts that were on the same level, were to pick 2D and 3D playstyles for a match, would a damage nerf for 2D style really balance things out? I’d like your opinion on this, and if this whole system would even work in the first place.

also, this is a bit relevant to the previous thread I made about making an accessible fighting game. ****

I know this is a pretty obscure reference but in Crucis Fatal+Fake, a game mostly played in a GGX-inspired gameplay there are three characters (Soichiro, Bazett and Kirei) who plays in a pretty recognizable Tekken/VF style, Souchiro/Bazzet has input commands and “Tekkenish” juggles and Soichiro even has the Akira trademark double kick in the air. It was pretty bizarre at first, but them i liked the concept a lot.

Seconded that.

C\F+F plays like 2D fighter but has fast\vertical\horizontal attacks which work (i suppose) like in SC. Sadly developers screwed their game with poor coding and “realistic stages”.

For C\F+F it works in another way. Like if you see that incoming attack is “vertical” you must dash (3D option) but if its a “horizontal” attack you must jump (2D option). You can’t choose 2D OR 3D style because it will just limit your options and make you loose.

Would be interesting to have a game with both 3D models and 2D sprites fighting each other.

Not even Haggar can handle the uglyness of this shit, but FYI.

Mortal Kombat 9 already does it, so yes.

Wow, that’s bad.

OT but, what SFxT has is that the first 4 buttons ( :lp:, :mp:, :lk:, :mk:) sort of act like the 1,2,3,4 buttons in Tekken.

Also, Tekken style canned strings in a 2D system are basically target combos.

Rivals school?.. it played like a 2d game but it also had side stepping.

Well, if it’s a six button game and there’s a mode to have less attack buttons, it probably be a good idea to set up what those leftover buttons do like maybe an evade like VF3 or maybe a block button, unless there’s hold back blocking, but it is possible to have button and hold-back blocking at the same time and have different uses ala Bloody Roar 3.

Basically like X-Men: Next Dimension. Everyone had canned strings that lead to air launchers like a standard Mahvel combo and they could also be cancelled in to specials or supers. The KoF: MI also kinda did the same thing.

Not completely impossible, but just need a lot of planning to make sure it works right.

Maximum Impact was 2D with sidestepping, juggles and other nonesense.

That looks worse than mugen.

mk vs dc was kinda like a 3d/2d movement hybrid. didnt work out very well.