Having a hard time doing ultras in ultra street fighter 4


The ultras im talking about are these “quarter circle x 2 KKK”

I am playing on keyboard so I have it set to one button. I’m pretty sure I’m doing it correctly but it’s just not working for some reason.


Does SF4 training mode have an input display? You can see if your input are the problem or if your keyboard.
What keys do you have mapped?
I’ve always used WASD TYU GHJ (For ST, can’t see why SF4 would be any different, infact inputs should be helluva lot easier)


I tried the input mode thing, my inputs seemed okay.

My keys are the directional keys to move, ASDG for punches (my f key fell out) ZXCV for kicks


oh so you’re left handed??

try mapping the keys to another area of the keyboard, do you have another keyboard you could perhaps try as well?


actually nvm, i think it could be me not doing it corretly