Having a hard time from adjusting to this game coming from killer instinct


I feel like it requires too much time to much excution too much studying. I’ve spent 200 300 hours hit confirming in random doing bread bread and butters. Working on punsihng feel like i get it down. Learninf other characters got a decent understanding of block strings frame traps said characters im practicing vs. But soon as i play a real life person or someone online i just get murdered nothinf i do works. So discouraging having hard time staying with it


Were you smashing people left and right when you started with KI?




Is this your first Street Fighter ever? Because execution-wise, this one has the lowest barrier of entry. I’m not sure what to recommend to you except to keep playing and watching youtube videos of others playing. You’ll get a hang of it and when you do, every fighting game you ever played will feel like child’s play. You’ll never go back.


Make yourself comfortable…


With us…



You’d think SF was the easier game to get into…


The biggest difference in terms of execution is that Street Fighter is somewhat more strict with the timing than KI. It’s not really much harder in SFV than KI (if memory serves me right, KI combos have a 5 frame cancel window unless you’re going for manuals, whereas the shortest in SFV is 3 frames), but it might take some practice to get used to. But if you could master manuals in KI, you should be able to handle Street Fighter. Spacing, mix-ups and the basic mechanics work largely the same. The biggest difference is the approach to the game, since the different systems reward different types of behavior. And depending on who you played in KI, the approach to SF might be easier or more difficult. Jago is a shoto, so the jump to Ryu or Ken isn’t huge. You just don’t get any sword attacks, but even their cr.MK is very similar. Fulgore is also kind of a shoto, his weird meter stuff aside. But Gargos, Glacius or Aganos don’t really have any counterparts in SF and might require you to work out a new gameplan.

The execution in terms of inputs should be almost identical since the only thing KI doesn’t have is double quarter circle super motions (and charge characters, but you still have characters with charge motions, they just don’t have to hold it). Unless you were playing KI with combo assist mode on, and in that case I’m sorry, but you were barely playing KI.


Life sucks when u can’t mash 1 button to do ur combos doesn’t it. Kappa

On a serious note it just sounds to me like u crumble as soon as I play a match. Practicing is one thing but applying what u do in practice 2 a real match can be difficult


Im new to fighters i grew up in arcades was never good played on consoles. I gave iv a try day one played it for a few months only vs the cpu gave up before arcade. Didnt touch a fighter since then. Got ki fell in love went and got a fightstick fell in love with it played ki for two years now. It was alot easier to learn the combo system. But this game just does not click well with me. I dont know if its nash or me. Im willing to play anyone maybe you guys can see i know anti airing is one of my weakneses


Like @Sanada-kun said. There’s practicing, then there’s actually being able to apply what you learned. It’s just a matter of playing against actual opponents and the most important part** attempting to use what you practiced against them and not falling into your old happens once you are under pressure**, That is how what you practice eventually becomes second nature to you and then starts to become your default play style. So just keep playing against people and stick to the game plan win or lose. You’ll see results.


New to SRK and SF series in general. Looking for new-intermediate people to train with. I love fighting games, and have a lot a general FG knowledge, but need much work oh my SF game. Looked for a more appropriate spot to post this, but found nothing with any recent activity. Please direct me to a better spot to post if there is.

I can relate to OP. KI is the fighting game that I have the most experience with. Luckily, it is rather similar to SF in many regards, but has a fair amount of cheese that can be abused rather easily, and rewards sloppy execution. Season 3 has only made things crazier.

What I love about SF is the methodical neutral game. I love that there are actually footsies, not just unpunishable full screen windkicks. I want to improve my fighting game execution, and I think SFV will help me with that, and those skills will transfer back over to KI.

Again, looking for people to play long bouts with. I don’t mind losing, and am salt-free. And please direct me to a better place for meeting SFVers for sparing, if such a thread exist.

Fight ID: deadhead
PSN Tag: tin_strip

Send me a PM on here or PSN to let me know if you add.


I like the cut of your jib guy.


@BB_Hoody, thanks. Feel free to add me, even if you are advanced.


Shit I don’t even have a PS4 nor a gaming PC lol. I mainly playing fighters on the PSN store at the moment. Like Darkstalkers, 3rd strike, etc. Sucks having to pay rent and a care note lol. But once I stack a few checks I’ll be looking into getting a PS4. But I really want SFV on PC, it looks beautiful.


Paging @“DevilJin 01” who actually moonlighted as a KI player before coming back home.


@BB_Hoody, always regretted never learning 3rd strike. So fun to watch. I love the speed of the game. And those tech blocks, that should still be a thing. I probably watch the notorious Daigo v Wong comeback at least once a month, and nearly choke up every time. Never will there be anything as hype as that. Ever

@d3v, Ha! Strangely enough, @“DevilJin 01” (it’s HeavyCargo) was one of the first skilled players I had on my friend list back in the early days of KI. He mostly beat the shit outta me, and I learned a lot from him. He taught me patience regarding the Glacius v Thunder MU. Miss that guy, he never gets on anymore.


There’s no such thing as an unpunishable wind kick. Unlike, say, Aganos’ shadow dash punch, it doesn’t have infinite armor or full invincibility so you can always hit him right out of it, particularly as full screen gives you plenty of time to react. It just has low invincibility (and against throws and projectiles as well if you use the shadow version). And I’m sorry to say, but Street Fighter has its fair share of semi-invincible full screen moves as well, particularly if your problem is getting punished for throwing out projectiles.

Like I said to the other guy, there’s very little in KI you won’t come across in SF. Riptor style 50/50 mix-ups still exist. Kan-Ra style traps still exist. Moves from outside the range of all normals that can barely be reacted to (curse you, Birdie EX dive) still exist. Even teleport mix-ups still exist (and Dhalsim doesn’t need skulls to do it). That’s just fighting games, man.


I’ll just have to keep playing. I am playing alot of colorados best guys


Yeah there’s not really much else to say other than to play more and find a mentor that can sit down with you and go over things. If you’re not used to switching between different fighting games it will take a while to grasp. Veteran fighting gamers are used to playing multiple fighting games at once and can pick up those nuances faster.


I still can’t grasp how to play MK. I can’t play with 4 buttons and a block button anymore.


Every fighting game is hard / weird to begin with. It doesn’t matter if it’s Street Fighter, Tekken, Mortal Kombat, Killer Instinct etc. since they all have some barrier that has to be faced.

It’s comparable to other genres as well. One would be very confused about playing CS:GO after latest CoD.

TL:DR: Practice, learn and adapt. That’s all it needs.