Having a hard time Offensive/Defensive tactics

I guess I would say I am a beginner Akuma player on paper, but I know quite a bit about Akuma from the threads and pro videos. With that said, I’m having a really hard time putting it all together and knowing what to do in various situations. Now I know, that’s waaay too much information to be answered in a single thread, but I am curious if there are general tactics in common situations you guys could tell me so that I can have a base of where to start practicing. Like tactics that would only work at certain ranges could be one place to start.

The biggest issue I’m having though when it comes to this stuff is getting in on your opponent. Also, when do you use jabs and shorts other than possible hit confirming after a jump in? I’ve seen pros throw them out as pokes occasionally or use them on opponents that jump in on them, but I don’t really know the strategy behind that nor other uses of jabs and shorts.

And last but definitely not least, what do u do when an opponent is rushing you down other than blocking or focus back dashing? I seem to get into this situation a lot since I tend to take to long to think up a way to advance on my opponent lol. The only other thing I know to do in this situation is OS teching if they go for a grab, but I am not good at that. Are there other ways of having better defense?

Any help is greatly appreciated, thank you.

And the teleport ? Or block and learn the hard way (but the best way) to react and push buttons when its wise.
I got rushed down by a Guile the other day. I never TP away, and died to a normals flood with little sense. If I had used that TP how could I have found that I suck at punishing Guile sweep on block ?
Now I know what to train to make them respect my punishments.

Ah I forgot to write about the TP in my original post. But regardless your point about its effectiveness and on the flip side, the importance of blocking a string of attacks waiting for a unsafe move to be thrown out instead of TP’ing is a great tip too.

I need to learn the frame data of characters’ moves on block because I never know when to attempt to punish their string other than obvious whiffs like a whiffed DP or something. And what are the best normals to punish strings.

Any advice on that or is it just a matter of studying up frame data?

FOOTSIES, ZONING, AND FUNDAMENTALS I CANNOT STRESS THIS ENUFF…if i had known about these when i started i wood b much better 2day

I agree you 100%. I have an ookay understanding of footies, but I guess I’m just shaky as to how to zone with Akuma. Like I understand zoning means to keep your opponent at a distance that would benefit your advances on him, but I’m not sure how to do it other than blasting fb after fb AND what are the positions that I should be zoning my opponent into in order to do what move? Lol that probably is a horribly constructed question, but I think you’ll get what I’m asking.

And I’m guessing when you say ‘fundamentals’ you mean learning what each move does and their properties.

I trying not to sound like a complete noob asking every basic question in the book, but if you have a good explanation for my question in my original post in the second paragraph, “The biggest issue I’m having…”, that would be a big help.

Thanks for your response :slight_smile:

I’ve seen plenty of threads like this before, and I believe that in many cases that these issues of “I feel like I can’t do anything” are much more effectively addressed by re-examining the battlefield.

Or to put it another way, don’t focus on your character. I’m sure you know Akuma extremely well. Instead, focus on the other characters. Normally I find that the root of problems like this is that there is a lack of intimate familiarity with the rest of the cast.

When I was at the top of my game in MK9 (I peaked at 10th on NFG) I knew everything about the entire cast. I feel like in order to play any character in any game with confidence that’s what needs to happen.

You mention that you need to learn what the other characters’ moves on block are. That’s only the tip of iceberg.

You gotta know what their moves are on block, how many active frames they have so you can judge whether or not they’re at advantage if they hit with the tip of something, what their jump arcs look like and if they can be altered mid flight, the ranges of their pokes, how quickly they start up and recover, popular set ups and techniques that the character is known for, what’s a true block string and what isn’t, their options for beating focus attacks, etc. You also need to be able to immediately recognize all their moves on start up so you can react accordingly and aren’t caught hesitating.

Once you are comfortable with your knowledge of what the opposing character can do, you gotta take your tools and fit them against theirs. You mentioned you had trouble opening opponents up. Well, what character were they using? Trying to open up Chun the same way you do Balrog is asking for trouble.

Yes yes, learn your match ups , what beats what… only then will you know why the pro’s throw out certain pokes at certain times. I’ve been where you are not too long ago and I’m just now starting to piece it all together. Things like cr. Mk/ option select whatever vs. Balrog and Dudley, or AA with standing HP vs. Rufus, Cody( characters with large hit boxes) or blanka’s, gen’s, bison’s jump arc will make sense once you get familiar with the game as a whole. And practice, practice, practice. Its one thing to know everything about the game, and another to apply it to different match ups. From time to time i still find myself mid-fight thinking about which “goodie” I’m gonna pull out of Akuma’s bag next…only to end up dead due to hesitation… so like KT said… learn which of your tools will give them hell, lord knows we have enough to choose from.

Ya you’re absolutely right. Summing what you and KT seem to be saying is its pretty much memorizing each character’s attributes through experience. That seems like a huge task, but its necessary nonetheless. Till I do, I feel I need to get better at knowing what to do when and feeling comfortable doing so. Right now I tend not to think quick enough in order to react with the best possible choice of move in a given situation i.e. “Okay he’s at this distance and doing X move therefore I should…shit he’s rushing me down and now I’m OK’d” lol.