Having a hard time

I’m attempting to learn how to play Omega, Rocking an Omega/Cable/Doom team. Any suggestions as to where I should look to start learning Omega. Videos would help too.

Well first of all I want to say that finally it’s awesome to see someone who wants to learn with someone new not the same old sentinels, storms, Mags, etc.

Well The first thing you’ll find about Omega red if you haven’t it’s that he’s a very hard character to control so He MUST be played Intelligently he’s not a button smasher type of character if your playing with him gotta use your brains a little.

The first thing I think you should know it’s how to control the Coils that’s how I started, Omega Red is Awesome he can throw his coils to almost any directions and your opponents usually get annoyed by this and specially if they get caught because you can drain life from them and gain for yourself (BTW you can drain life energy and super energy at the same time it’s awesome)
Learn how to use coils first of all,
Here’s how you do them if you don’t know yet:

QCF +LP coil goes horizontally good for jumpers.
QCF +HP coil goes about 30 degree angle good for flyers
QCF + PP Coil goes Vertically good for flying players like sentinels and storms that love to get beneath you
QCF + Lk same as lp
QCF + Hk Coil goes about 30 degrees but down this time same as HP but goes down this one it’s one of the best because it can go through cable’s beam and get him the same with Shotokans.
QCF + KK Coil goes Vertically down good for when you’re in the air and the opponent it’s underneath you (practice this one alot it’s very useful because it trick most people)
After you grab him Press PP if you want energy drained and KK if you want supers energy, and Press Lp and Lk at the same time if you want both.
(BTW you can cancel the coil by pressing the button again you did the coil with)

Second Learn the Omega Strikes, This move it’s good for snap backs if someone gots you cornered just hit them with omega strikes But always remember to Retract, Always.

QCF + Lk Omega red goes with his kicks Horizontally this one it’s the best for snap backs and it’s also good for taking out opponents assists.
To retract just Press Down+ k and omega red will return to where you were first
I suggest you practice retracting a lot since it’s very useful.

QCF + Hk omega Red goes about 30 degrees in the air this one is good to use against payers like storm, Magbeto, Sentinels and sometimes doom or people who just love to jump in on you hehehe, Always Retract.

QCF + KK Omega red goes Vertically in the air good for flying players as well and also you can do it to confuse opponets and cancel it in the mid air then throw a Hk coil it always gets them.:wgrin:

This are just basics of Omega red Let me know if you want to know a bit more.

Yeah, I’ve been attempting to get used to my coils. I was at the arcade today, playing some really good people, well, short story is I have a hard time throwing my coils out at the end of Air combos. I guess that’s just something I’m going to have to practice.

If you have any more things to add in, I’d appreciate it very much.

Also, with the double draining, is it a smaller ammount of health and super, or the same.

With his air combos - after he launches sj lp, mp, Lp, mp upwards coil works on most characters - on char like commando and storm you can do lp, mp, lk, mp upwards coil.
Always throw them upwards as you can follow up with a 50/50 mixup sj ing in front or behind with a jab.
Only exception is when he has his back to the wall - toss them behind, jab, coil.

Omega red builds meter pretty well with his burrows and omega strikes - so draining for meter isn’t really worth it…drain life.

there are a few combo videos around - dj B13 chapter 18, and James chen has one too.
search preppys site - www.zachd.com/mvc2

Your team is OK - I prefer assists with better horizontals i.e storm.
And yeah - learn omega strikes.
You can also go through the old threads in the display options.

You can also do double coil combos with doom assist

DF Hp + rocks, sj jab, coil drain d/f toss onto rocks, UF coil or jab, coil…

All great tips, anyone have anymore?

Here’s a good one don’t be afraid to do the Omega destroyers, I know this move let’s just say it’s not the most damaging super in the game but it works well for chipping damage and annoy your opponents because what I like about the Omega destroyer it’s that it pushes them all the way back Just be sure not to do it when some it’s on your face like magneto or storm are close to you because those guys are so damn quick they cancel it quickly be sure to do it when they are a bit far away or when they are above you since it still catches them so remember don’t be too afraid of not doing Omega destroyers.

BTW the combo I usually do and it’s easier and it gets almost all characters even Megaman (I’ve done it) it’s this one and it’s pretty simple too just time it right when fighting small characters.

Is: lp, mp launch to air Sj lp, Sj lk, Sj lp, Sj mp, Into The Lp Coil(Horizontally one) Energy drain and then for another opportunity to drain life after enery drain launch em up then do the PP Coil (Vertically one) Works very well and takes lots of damage This has worked a whole mess of times with me.

Another combo that looks cool but sadly works on big guys only it’s this one:

lp, mp, launch to air SJ lp,SJ mp, Sj Lk, Sj Mk, Sj Hp cancel it to Hk coil. This one it’s Awesome It gets people saying DAMN :rofl: You should practice it.
BTW This combo works on big guys because you can connect the coil
But if you want to do it to medium size and small guys then Just finish it with a HK instead of Hp coil.:wgrin:

Omega Destroyer isn’t particularly safe at all.
Punished by alot of things - AHVB, RP xx HSF etc…
Could use it with rocks and DHC to timefilp to get cable in.

Well it has worked Alot With me I mean alot you just have to use it correctly not just omega destroyers everywhere every now and then it works, because opponents don’t see it coming and it gets them even gets their assists, I mean I have battled even expert people Semts, Mags, even cables and they get caught lots of times, So that’s Why I posted that! Because It has worked for me but everyone does play him like they want I was just giving an opinion.

Good news is, I’m getting better. I beat a few people, and I’m picking up on retract times for my coils. I need some work on my omega strikes, but, that’ll come in time. Thanks for all the help guys.

Glad to help! Just try to learn the Omega strikes as soon as possible because they really help you out.