Having a new approach to the 5 on 5

I have an idea about a 5 on 5 that might go well with EVO.

Instead of having a 5 on 5 in one game between 2 coasts (East, and West), how about a 5 on 5 in 5 different games between 2 divisions (Eastern and Western). First, for the games, there will be different games for each participant (for example, let’s say we use ST, 3s, MvC2, Smash, and T5DR). Each division will choose a player for the specific game; a good example would be the Eastern Division: Justin Wong is considered the best in the East in MvC2, 3s, and CvS2, but he is only allowed to play in one of the games… if you choose Marvel, that’s fine, but in 3s leaves a significant skill gap between Wong and the next best 3s players in the East (no disrespect to guys like KOFiend, etc…), so you would want to take into consideration what players should be playing in a certain game.

Another point about this is that it promotes smart counter-picking, adjusting to what the other side might choose, like a sports team (it’s like using mind games, even though you aren’t playing the games); to stop the abuse of this, each division will submit the players on the team for the specific games before the tournament. This also promotes game diversity, some people might become interested in games they never gave a chance being showcased and take a liking to it; you also see different characters that play a specific game that you might have never cared for. This also gives a chance (IF they are chosen) for games on the rise, like Arcana Heart, Melty Blood, etc… to be seen.

About the divisions, in my opinion, the EC/WC format is outdated. Both coasts have the majority of the best players, but they aren’t the only ones. The Eastern Division and Western Division will be separated similar to the NBA and NHL, and with this, you will be able to pick players who excel the most at a certain game, but can’t compete, because they aren’t located in a specific coast. Example: Let’s say Guilty Gear is on the roster for the 5 on 5, the Midwest and Southwest has the best players in the nation, but if the EC/WC format was used, then they wouldn’t be able to compete, only having really good players, but not the best of the best.

I know I have problems making my point clear, but I hope most of you get the idea.

heres why:

WC owns the majority of the games(3s, cvs2, ST)

Marvel is only in 5 on 5 because the skill level on both coasts is pretty close. I say EC now has the upper hand but they have a title to take from us.


It’s a neat idea and all on paper, but it’s too idealistic. It might be great in theory, but in practice this really would fall apart. You have to remember that all of these players are individuals; each and every one of them is their own person.

  • A composite event of this size would surpass the time needed for another game’s entire finals! Squeezing something like this into Evo (where else would this happen?) could require cutting another game’s official tourney… I’m sure this isn’t a very popular idea.

  • Game diversity: believe me, the top players of a certain game have already tried the other games and they picked their favourite for a reason. As per your example, if you’re only picking five games, relatively obscure titles like Arcana Heart are right off the choice list anyway.

  • (Disclaimer: of course exceptions exist) As much as there’s a lot of mutual inter-game respect, many top players in game X honestly couldn’t give a hoot about game Y. Maybe 3 of EC’s top 3S players could care less if EC wins a 5 on 5 in Marvel. As per your example, I’m sure both teams would probably want Justin Wong so there’s bound to be some disagreements there. This is without even factoring in how Justin Wong would want to play both (let alone pick one).

  • Especially given my above points, can you imagine the logistics involved in simply making and organizing all of these teams?! If I may paraphrase that infamous line: it shouldn’t be a popularity contest, players should be playing for their spots. Keep in mind the organization of a WC/EC 5 on 5 for just one game didn’t work out.

  • Besides, isn’t it less exciting for the spectators if… for example, they know CvS2 is missing three out of its ten very best?

  • All the other games are exciting in their own right (that’s why we play 'em) but nothing else generates hype quite like Marvel. I think many of the other games are less concerned about where you’re from and would be plenty happy sticking to the official tournament anyway, or if anything just adding a regular team tournament on the side.

Man, it’s a nifty proposition but it’s doomed to failure if you ask me. :tdown:

well one game that works good with 5 on 5 is tekken hands down

SBO ftw…

I think the Japanese did this with their original 5on5 against the US, actually. As I recall, Daigo & Ohnuki were on the 3rd Strike team but not the A3 one.

I think this idea is just ahead of its time. Once the scene becomes more organized & professional, you might be able to pull this off. Something to keep in mind…


Wait, yes. Tekken players are also crazy enough and place great importance on where they live. :wgrin:

I’m quoting this because I think it’s so true. If you’re skimming this thread, here’s your second chance to read those two sentences. I’m especially bitter for my age so I think meeting those prerequisites is a near impossibility, but that above statement is absolutely bang-on.

if this could come to pass it would be great…but like the Funkdoc said it propably is ahead of its time

It could be done though if people were committed to it

And with EVO as a whole getting better and better every year who knows something like this might happen. Justin vs Choi was another example of new events getting attention