Having a personal problem with another student


Ok I got this problem. In my political science class, there’s this female classmate who has the greatest amount of cleavage I’ve seen in real life. I mean, her top is so low and tight that flabs of skin on the upper part of her breasts spills out over the top. And those things vibrate like crazy when she moves around! As a sexually abstained male, this is very distracting and potentially fatal to my academic success. If I can’t focus during lecture, I’m pretty much screwed, considering what trying to learn from the textbook is like.

So my question is: how do you politely ask a woman to stop dressing like a piece of street trash?


It’s like asking shitheads to not make threads like this. We could beg, but it’s not gonna happen.


Cocoa Puffs is the best cereal.

Homogenized is the best milk.

Smores is the best pop tart.

Stephanie was the hottest of Danny Tanner’s children.

HaTeR’S GoNNa HaeT


Man the fuck up and stop letting yourself be distracted.

Close the damn thread.



Overhead Pic or fail. And also just sit somewhere else ya dingus!

For Your Health


Dude, why do people make these kind of threads? You can only expect bad answers from the internet…


Refutations in order: Count Chocula, that’s fine, Brown Sugar, I forget who Danny Tanner is


why is this guy allowed to post on SRK?


you must be gay nuff said.


this guy has constantly made threads showing why he is a failure in life

this is yet another one

solution to your problem - have sex with this skank of a girl, and then right before you cum on her face, yell “OH MY GOD YOU FEEL SO GOOD SEX OBJECT!!!”

hopefully she’ll break down and cry and tell you about her daddy issues. at that point, tell her to stfu, you’re done using her for sex.

she’ll probably kill herself at this point. success.


I was just gonna suggest he offer to put the dangalang on her chest, but this is definitely an alternative.


Damn, owned.


The correct response to any ostentatious display of breasts is to put your penis between them. If she notices, it’s a sign of true love.


Is it wrong to nominate this thread as an article?


You should feel bad.


Sorry but when I see BeGuiled as a thread starter I know I’m in for a good laugh. Please don’t ban him :frowning:


That may have been the best thing I’ve read all day


You know what you have to do? You grab them tittays and look her right in the eye. RIGHT IN THE EYE. If they are callin’ you, then you have to respond. It’s as simple as that. And she sure as hell won’t be showin’ those bad boys off around you after an experience like that.



Man Ostentatious is a great word.


titty fuck her. Then tell her to clean her self up you look like a slut.


Real answer: you don’t.


but you should fuck her