Having A Problem Google Can't Fix

I know it’s a bit off topic even in this section but I’m getting desperate…

OK So I was having a problem where My computer wouldn’t boot Windows and wouldn’t let Me start in Safe Mode so I could at least burn copies of My files. So I made backup disc before I restored the harddrive. Computer is now up and running but when I go to run the backup it freezes for a while then My computer turns off…ONLY when I run the backup program to retrieve the files.

Soooooooooo I’m wondering if anyone knows of any alternative ways to open and or view HP’s Fbw files?

Call up HP and complain

serious, its their software, and they should know how to fix this

Take the hard drive out and insert (slave) it in another computer. That should help to determine if the disk is shot. Try a Windows boot disk like Bart PE. It includes a file browser.