Having a problem with my happ competition stick


I recently changed the stick that was in the SFAC and replaced it with a happ competition stick. i follow the directions using arcadestickmonk’s guide. Now when i try to crouch (downback) its only registering as down. i even tested it out in ssf4 just to make i wasnt tweakin and its the down back or down forward thats sometimes not working. its like i have to force it to down back. any help? or ideas?

::update:: 02/18/11
i solder them on the pins because using the quick disconnect method hurt my hands and they were a pain. i am still not able to down back nor jump forward…would it be wise to just switch back to my stock? :frowning:





Sounds like you wired it wrong. Post some pictures?


Can you move in all 4 directions?

I’ve head that the corners are harder to find in the new IL sticks. My buddy, a long time Happ user had trouble with this as well.


i will take pictures when i get home i am currently at work.


My guess is check your quick disconnects on your stick, the wire is probably not touching all the way at times…




bump again


Your diagonals are off? interesting. Have a look at that actuator and make sure it’s seated properly and not spinning


yea its spinning. i will look into that when i get home from work.


trying putting your stock stick back see if there is a difference, you may have a faulty stick…If i remember correctly i believe i had the same problem where the diagonals were not consistent, i forgot what i did to fix it sorry…i think i may have replaced it…

What kind of stick do you have? Happs or IL?


i have a Happ


also m stick before the happ i was able to hit the diagonals with ease…only thing that was wrong with it the stick was old and worn out so it needed to be replaced.