Having a Rough Time


I’ve recently starting my fighting game experience about a couple years ago. Thanks to the nice people here, I was able to get better and step up to get an arcade stick. I also tried to buy nearly all current fighting games, ( 2-D, of course) to expand my experiences with the genre and the one video game I keep on coming back to was Street Fighter 4 AC. The reason I’m bringing this up, is the fact that, I’m at a weird point in my fighting game career where I cannot seem to get better.
I would train and even have friendly matches, and I do say, I do well because of the time I put in compared to my friends. On the other hand, when I jump online with SSF4 AC, I would usually hold off but the tides will always be in my opponent’s favor. I, even, tried learning really complex movements with my arcade stick, such as plinking and what not, but sadly the timing would seem to screw me over and the combo usually doesn’t come out.
While on other games, such as, Ultimate Marvel 3, I would have a better experience. I would even play Blazblue and have a better time as well, because of the lack of high timing for combos. I really want to get better at Street Fighter because I would like to go to Evo with that particular game, and I just don’t understand what I am doing wrong. Can someone enlightening me with some knowledge, other than practice, because I know that is a given. Thank you reading this, I just needed to tell someone about my experiences so I can get the best advice, other than something basic.


Without a video, specific examples, or anything like that all anyone can say is to practice more, or practice differently. If you can put up a video it might key us in and we can instantly give solid advice that would help immediately.

That being said if your issue lies with combos (not sure who you play), but maybe play someone else combo centric that can do well without having to do 1F links.

Best of luck! Please don’t give up!


the timing for movements and blocks in online SF4 is much different than offline. don’t beat yourself up about losing online, those matches don’t really matter. the lag keeps you from properly setting up frame traps and timing safe jumps. online play drops off at intermediate(~B) level, if you want to get better keep practicing offline.


Thanks I won’t, I lack the ability to record myself. I am trying to find someone who is combo heavy and teaching me to do one frame links, but it’s kinda weird how he only uses his middle and ring finger to play.

Yeah, I need to keep that in mind, but it feels unmotivated sometimes