Having a second main?


What’s good about having a second main? Wouldn’t that be too much pressure on yourself to be learning two characters at once? How does it help your game?


imo the costs outweigh the benefits at low to intermediate levels, but lots of people still do it anyway. once you learn SF you can womp on scrubs with characters you aren’t very familiar with, but in the beginning, and this is just my opinion, playing multiple characters slows down the process of understanding the game. but it does give the possibility of learning matchups if you absolutely have no chance to play against people who main a specific character, and with how many characters are in a lot of modern fighting games, this is probably something most people have to do.


(Speaking from a SF4 perspective) Its good to help out with bad matchups, and just overall has the potential to add to your ability. A lot of that depends on your second, though. I’m a T. Hawk main. I considered picking Zangief as my #2, but I’d still have some of the same bad matchups. So I went with Ryu. Some characters (like Dhalsim) still give me issue, but not nearly as much as before.

Personally, I’d work hard to get as comfortable and as competitive as possible with your main first. Then work with a second character. Since picking up Ryu, here’s some of what I noticed:
-I just like the game more. I was getting burned out from spending so much time with T. Hawk. He’s still my main, but its fun to cheat on him once in a while.
-I feel like I play better during long session. I played damn near 100 matches with a friend the other day. About 50 as Ryu, 35 as Hawk, 10 as Yun, and a few randoms. And my friend’s Ibuki, which goes about 45/55 against my Hawk, only went about 10/90 against my Ryu.
-Playing as a second really feels like it helps my knowledge of my main. After spending time with Ryu, I feel as if my footsies game with T. Hawk has improved GREATLY.

I don’t find its a lot of pressure to work with a second once you’re comfortable enough with your main. Just don’t abandon your main entirely.


I agree with this, too. Know your way around the game before you venture into second-character territory.


sick oxymoron in thread title btw :smiley:


how about picking up a secondary when you’ve pretty much mastered your main or if it gets boring.


Having two “mains”…bad idea. You’d resort to switching between them whenever you have a hard time against a certain opponent (even though it might not be a matchup problem, just poor play), hurting your own learning process with both of these characters.

But I think everyone should have some alternates. Best thing to do is trying to play with archetypes different from your main, for the experience gained helps a great deal against these types of characters when using your main again.

For example, my main was Akuma, a shoto. So my gameplay focus has always been zoning and rushdown. Then I picked Chun as my alt, where I had to learn the mindset behind a charge character (and finding out about their weaknesses in the process). Now I’m using Ibuki, who can’t rely on fireballs, so I’m trying to figure out ways to bypass zoning. Sadly, there isn’t a single grappler that I like, so I generally suck against command throws…


Never thought about picking up two different styled characters like a shoto and then a grappler…Does that make my Ibuki and Juri mains a bit of a bad choice? Personally I like playing both of them but I feel they both have terrible options on wakeup. My biggest problems are against rushdown characters, I hate shotos…is there a different route I should go?

Oh and this is probably a terrible thing for me to be doing but my friends at work have me trying the C to shinning sea achievement. I’m stuck on Cody and I’m sure I’ll be stuck on a lot of other characters…maybe I’ll find another character I’ll like though.


Reminds me of the people with signatures that say things like “Primary Mains: [4 characters]; Secondary Mains: [6 characters]”

To the OP: While there’s something to be said for helping out your bad matchups, I think you’ll learn more just by sticking with one character only, at least until you get better at the game. Dividing your time between two characters is only going to hurt the rate at which you improve with either one of them. If getting better isn’t important to you, then you’re free to do whatever, but since you’re posting about it on SRK I’m assuming that it is, at least on some level.


get another main once you master the first one…
but master it for real… dont just think that because you know all the moves and matchups you’ve mastered it

Consistency is the key word


Like some others said, if you have some really bad matchups with your first character, it may be beneficial to play a secondary character that covers some of those matchups. In addition, if you have trouble against a certain character, read up on them and play that character a little bit, and see if you understand them a little bit better.

But generally, if you spend a lot of time with a single character, you’ll find it pays off a lot more than half-mastering two characters.


Everytime I see that I know right away that person sucks.


Not really a good idea to try and learn two characters at once. What you should do is just find one character you really like and stick with him/her and just get about 500 or so matches in with them. Just get a good feel for them.

Im one of those people who will just stick to their main character and grind it out.