Having a situation with an arcade parts vendor... Should I call them out?

I hate to do this but I’m having a problem with a parts vendor that I recently bought a replacement PCB from.
This PCB, a Brooks PS3/PS4 Fighting Board, was bought to make a Mad Catz TE Round 1/PS3 joystick compatible with my PC. I was hoping it would work to make this joystick PS4-compatible as well.
Those Mad Catz Round 1 PCB’s are worthless with anything besides PS3 and PS4 games programmed to recognize them. The USB standards just do not support Mad Catz TE’s and the PCB is part of the legacy of the Mad Catz’s “quality”. I have Hori joysticks of PS2 vintage that are STILL recognized by PC (Windows 10) with USB adapter!
Anyway, this Brooks PCB just does not work. I wrackeded my brains over it a for a week. It’s a customized first-gen Brooks that’s soldered into a terminal board that just has THE WORST screw terminals I’ve ever used. The wires constantly fall out of these terminals and they tighten up in the screwiest way possible – counter-clockwise turns!!! If you “over-tighten” the terminals, the screw in the terminals falls out!
I just don’t think it’s a well-built PCB with that set-up.
Furthermore, I have flashed the PCB with the required firmware and it just does NOT work like it should on PS3 or PC. The buttons aren’t being recognized by either PC or PS3. I finally got my joystick lever to work on PS3 but you never get the entire set-up to work together!
I have communicated with the vendor 2-3 times to settle the issue. I’m out $50 on a PCB that just doesn’t work and I feel like I’m being ignored. I’d like to trade in for something I KNOW works (like the MC Cthulu). It’s been 2 weeks, a full week since I last heard from the vendor and to say I’m getting upset is mild.
Do I out them and call attention to the fact that ******** ****** ***** doesn’t seem to care about customer satisfaction?
I really hate to do this on a public forum because we’re supposed to be adults and not yell at each other but I feel like I’m being treated crummily by this vendor.
Yes, this is a parts vendor that all of us who’ve been in this hobby for over 5 years knows.
It’s sad because I’ve dealt with every US parts vendor in the past and this is the first time I’ve felt let down by any of them…

I wanna see pics of this PCB

If you’re gonna call them out here make sure that you do it respectfully. If it’s as well a known name as you are suggesting then somebody affiliated might frequent these boards. Frame your situation as a request for technical support from the community.

I do a lot of business with fgc vendors as well. If there are issues with one of them I would appreciate hearing about it. But if you’re just looking for a place to publicly blow them up… dont do it here.

In the mean time, post pics of your setup. Maybe we can do some troubleshooting here.


I resolved the issue.
There was some misunderstanding but it took a while to resolve it.
In the meantime, I think I ruined a Mad Catz TE Rd 1 PS3 PCB not that it’s worth much in the future if you DON’T want to play on anything BUT a PS3.
Those first-gen PCB’s are WORTHLESS!!!
The HORI PS1 and PS2 PCB’s still work on today’s PC’s with USB adaptors.

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