Having An Alt to Complement Rufus



I’ve been a Rufus player since SF4 so I’m very aware of Rufus’ shortcomings, especially in regards to playing against his bad matchups, and I’ve been considering picking up a pocket character to deal with those. I also feel like Rufus can actually win any matchup though, so just playing tighter would just cover his issues entirely, but at the same time bad matchups are bad for a reason, and having a character to help your competitive chances in a tourney doesn’t seem unreasonable. Does anyone have any experience having an alt that they feel goes well with Rufus’ natural flaws?

I’ve dabbled with Rose, but since she’s basically a joke character at this point its not really worth it, and not many people have solid matchups vs. the top tier (Rufus’ bad matchups), but BLG Juicebox says Juri is strong vs. them. Japan would disagree, but I’m looking for any input in this regard, except the obvious pick Yun to beat Yun. I’ve considered Yun and I think his upcoming nerfs and my experience with Rufus don’t justify picking him up.



I actually am a Rog main since vanilla and use Rufus as an alt for bad matchups. Between the two you can cover most everyone.


I thought Rog was way worse in 2012, to the point of being unplayable. I really don’t know a ton about him, but I was told by the local Rog main he was trash. Who in particular is actually even against shotos? Not even necessarily the twins.


I second Guile for the Fei-Long, Sagat, and Zangief match-ups because it’s easier, It’s also good to use and learn other characters every now and then.


Ive been thinking about this a lot a to lately, been dabbling with dudley adon and fuerte. Tbh i think the best choice for a secondary with rufus is probably abel, with this combo you will have most of the cast covered (most importantly sagat) and i feel like neither of these characters both lose to someone so bad that its just not worth it.
Balrog prolly is not a bad choice either, both abel and rog do lose to zangief fairly badly though. Akuma may be the best option to but i digress…


I think Sagat is a really good complement to Rufus. He covers most of his bad matchups rather well. He also bodies Gief.




I always considered Dhalsim a great alt for Rufus if you can deal with his completely different style of play. He has the advantage against Sagat, Ryu, Gief and Balrog. Although I must admit I don’t know much about Dhalsim in AE for these match-ups.


maybe cody or yang. If your rufus is rushdown then they’re similar imo also i think they cover some of rufus’ bad matchup if im correct


Akuma destroys both sagat and zangief and has advantage over feilong and seth. Perfect choice.


Cody has trouble with pretty much all of rufus’s bad matchups except for Seth if you can stay on your feet.


Dont use an alt stick with Rufus, if YOU really have to because you have that bad a touble with your bad matchups ( which should be like Sagat, Boxer and a few and thats it ) I suggest you use either Ryu or Sagat.


Agreed with Rufus/Akuma


Hmm… Akuma.

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I guess my main is Rufus, though I split my time with Sagat. They are decent complements. However, I think Rufus, if played right, can give Sagat a hard time, and using Sagat versus Sagat as a counterpick is unstable unless you are really good at the mirror with godlike reactions with U2. I also feel more comfortable using Rufus against Ryu than using Sagat for some reason, maybe I just don’t play enough really good Ryus. Only time I really feel good about the Sagat alt is against Gief, T Hawk, and Boxer.

I’ve been trying to pick up Akuma, and I do think he complements Rufus better (at least for me, since I find Rufus v Ryu ok and Akuma v Ryu sucks). Akuma beats Gief, THawk, Sagat, Boxer and gives Feilong trouble. The only problem: Akuma is hard as hell to learn, and he is getting nerfed like crazy in 2012. His -2 on block for S. RH will definitely lessen his advantage over Gief and THawk (SPD on block), and Palm not being an overhead means his matchups against charge characters will get worse (they can now just hold down-back on wakeup every time). I’m not sure if it’s worth the investment to pick Akuma as an alt to Rufus, for those considering it.


My compliment to Rufus is Cody. Cody effectively beats Ryu and does well against Sagat.

IMO, Cody is very similar to Rufus.

  • Need EX for a solid reversal.
  • Extreme pressure on knockdown.
  • Excellent zoning tools.

Cody can zone a bit better than Rufus with HK Ruffian. What Rufus lacks (footsies, ground game, projectile zoning) Cody entirely makes up for.


I don’t think rufus has alot of bad matchups though…
Zangief & Sagat are quite baaaad, but i think rufus is really solid against the rest of the cast.
Dont really see why you would need an alt so badly…
I would rather try to learn the matchups even more and make up for it.


lol at who says to pick akuma as alt

akuma requires so much study to use him in a decent way, non possible as an alt, unless he becomes ur new main

I main Rufus and I don’t need an alt but, when I’m am in real trouble, I get chun-li and I can handle some bad matchups since she’s good versus:

sagat, zangief, boxer, dictator, guile…that can be terribles for rufus sometimes


Blanka is the perfect alt for him.

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I don’t think boxer really is a bad matchup for rufus at all.
Guile & dictator are decent as well.

I love fighting boxers with my rufus, because there are so many character specifics which work of boxer…
you can do pretty much whatever u want.
Just to name a few:

*GT -> Ultra 1 - anywhere on the screen.
*j.MK crossup - on crouching & standing rog !
*EX Messiah Kick - FADC - EX Snake Strike - all 7 hits of SS.

…It just isnt a bad matchup.

I think dictator loses to rufus.
Guile can be frustrating, but its definitly not worse than 4-6.

At least thats what I think.