Having an issue with block strings and performing them properly

i main balrog (i know blockstring trouble!? lmfao), but really…I try playing other characters (bison,ken,ryu) and i keep getting dp’d through my blockstrings! i mostly start up blockstrings through a jump normal. am I hitting my jump in normal too late?

I feel as if I want to learn counterhit set ups (rog c.jab c.jab. s.rh) but i feel like they arent baiting properly as well! like i rarely catch somebody with the roundhouse. am I not waiting long enough to press roundhouse!? I can combo and link with relatively no problem. I just need an explanation. and if anyone wants to play im on xbox add me (bakedmcnasty101)

sorry for the long post lol

thanks in advance:woot:

typically with block strings, you dont want links.

so if they can mash out of them, its not a true block string. you should also try frametraps.

it’s not as simple as ‘do this’ for a CH and hope you’ll get them to press a button. you gotta condition them. add some throws and when they start teching you’ve condition them. if not then just keep on throwing. but once they’ve start teching your throw a lot you can even cr. lp, walk, cr. lp (instead of throw) which will CH if they’ve tried to tech. if you ever watch tokido play he does this a lot, block string, walk up into any of these options: blocking, sometimes throwing, sometime going back to something like a cr. mp for the CH, or even shoryuken when he has two bars.