Having execution problems with Evil Ryu? (Quick question)


Sorry, I was going to post this in the dedicated Evil Ryu sub but it seems inactive, so I was hoping somebody here can help me diagnose my execution problems that I’m having. So basically, when I do the Cr. MK xx fireball FADC Cl. St HP, I keep getting the Cr. HP instead of the standing version. I even tried to hold Back HP as soon as performing the FADC because it supposedly lets you buffer into the Axe Kick, but I’m having no success with this at all. The problem is that when performing an FADC motion, my stick is being moved in the forward direction, so I have no idea how to move the stick from Forward all the way to Back in order to get the standing version of the HP so I can buffer it into Axe Kick. I mean, yes technically I can just return the stick to neutral after doing the FADC but then I can’t seem to buffer it into the axe kick because I’m no longer holding Back when the stick is in neutral. So I’m really confused here. I have a square gate, if that helps. I just can’t figure out what to do with my hands… Any help please?


It’s not a matter of speed. You don’t need to be holding back do get the half circle input in time. As long as you do an okayish input with a back, a down and a forward you’ll get the special.

If you’re getting cr.hp you’re probably starting the motion too soon. Maybe try holding forward and then doing the hcf (it will look a lot like some of KOF’s supers). Do a few walk forward, s.hp xx axe kick. You’ll notice you can start the motion quite a bit after you have inputed s.hp.

Alternativelly, you can mess with dudley a bit and train his cr.lp, cr.lp, s.hk xx ex mgb combo or f.mk, s.hk xx ex mgb. These should also help you work on that motion (the most important part, specially on a square gate, is to deliberately hit BACK).

So to sum up, it’s not a matter of speed, but making it clean. As with all matter executional there’s no alternative to practicing a lot unfortunatey. Make it a habit to hit training 30 min every day or setup drills like doing it until you get it right 3 times straights. Also it’s important to remember that spreading the training in small chunks across many days is a lot better than doing a huge sitting in one day and getting frustrated.