Having FADC input issue

I’ve been training with Sagat and his FADC setups. I can do it OK from left to right, but I’ve been having trouble from right to left. It’s hard to get a TU out because it usually comes out as a low fierce.

So, I put on the input display in Training mode, and when I try input (From right to Left) DF, it shows DF, then down.

So, I’m wondering if my stick is broken, or my input is just bad?

your imput sounds like it could use some practice

You’re the last one that should be giving advice. Work on doing better punish than throw please! :china:

To the OP, instead of doing the full motion for a uppercut, try DF, D, DF, or simply tap stick DF twice. It’ll still count as a uppercut. As for FADCing it, it’s all bout timing. A mistake I see a lot of people do is start mashing to try and get it.

Not the way.

Let me break it down into exact steps.

  1. Move the stick DF, D, DF, on the second DF press HP.
  2. Quickly let the stick go to neutral, than press the FA buttons.
  3. The second you press the FA buttons, press forward on the stick (you don’t have to double tap forward, you only have to do it once)
  4. Keep holding forward and press roundhouse.
  5. Ultra
  6. Profit

jeez thats not nice. its just my opionion


Since when can you dash out of a FADC with only one tap ? All the guides I read talk about double tapping. I just tried it, and it does not seem to work for me. When tapping only once Sagat follows through with the FA instead of cancelling it ?! :wtf:

Well, it really isn’t. I suggest you get a TE Fightstick and then beat anybody online who ever criticized you :rofl:

Like in those Martial Arts movies, where the apprentice comes back in the end to beat that once unbeatable uber-opponent :lol: :karate:

i would like to test that non double tap theory because i do notice i dash too far when i try

OK, I’ll try that. Thanks!

I’m also experiencing difficulties to FADC but I improved myself the past few days watching tutorials on YouTube. You don’t need to double tap forward to FADC BUT timing is not so easy because FA needs to be pushed at the same time as forward (looking at my inputs in Training Mode, it seems I’m usually inputting something else after the TU, m.K or m.P or forward alone).

What works for me so far is pressing MK+MP at the same time as forward and then F+HK for the roundhouse. If you get it to work with only pressing once and holding please tell me :tup: Maybe my timing is still off

does the FA and pressing forward at the same time dash you out?

No, not for me, but my execution is not the best so who knows if it’s just me :rofl:

I does however work quite reliable (well, at least in the training room :wgrin:) if I use the “normal” double dash and hold forward the second time followed by HK->Ultra.

best thing you can do is take your time, people who rush it think too far ahead, do it about 20 times in training, develope that muscle memory then add the f.hk…then after you that 20 times add the ultra…

proper repetitions equal = thoughtless execution

oh and when you FADC you don’t need to press >+mk+mp, slow it down to mk+mp (hold) dash out f.hk…you have alot of time to execute this…

Here are the possible errors that we should eliminate FIRST.

  1. Input lag.
  2. Faulty stick.

We can eliminate the input lag error by simply going into training mode.
Then make sure your stick isn’t faulty. For example, what stick are you using? The SE sticks are known to have issues where the washer underneath the stick ends up rubbing and damaging the PCB, causing it to excessively hold the last directional input. This isn’t entirely your fault and more like Mad Catz’s fault. Fortunately, they offer a free fix along with the warranty, just as long as you haven’t removed the sticker.

After you’ve made sure your peripherals are working correctly, check your technique in the input display. Are you using a square-gate stick? If so, luckily for you, there is an alternate method for the shortcut.

  1. Instead of doing::df::d::df: :p:

  2. Do: :df::d::db::d::df::p:

It may seem like it’s more complex but it actually works better in certain situations where you have do react with your hands physical instincts. By doing that, you actually slide from the bottom right of the gate, all the way to the bottom left, and back to where you were.

It’s an unrefined technique, and can be perceived as pretty noobish but it works well. This is all because of SF4’s easy input system. The reason why I choose this method over the other is because of the fact that sometimes I don’t have the time to hear the “clicks” from my stick. So to eliminate the possibility of a faulty technique, I move it all the way across, to know that I successfully moved from the corner of the gate, made sure I cleared it, and move back.

That is my tip for executing the TU. Hope that helps.

For the FADC:**

I know alot of people like to get fancy and boast about having the simple and best method for FADC, but really it’s up to personal preference.

IMO, I’d rather do it as:
(Long TU motion I just mentioned) (move stick to neutral position) :mp:+:mk: :r::r::r:(hold direction) :hk:

The reason why I would rather do :r::r::r: is because of input lag at times. If you do it successfully the first 2 times, then hold the 3rd one, then you’re all set to press :hk: and combo it into Ultra.

If missed an input somewhere, you have another chance at actually getting it done, instead of looking like an idiot because you screwed up the timing on your shortcuts, because let’s face it. Most of the time, when some of us don’t FADC properly, it is because our sticks didn’t return to the neutral position properly before sending an input back into the same directional.

From there on, you’ll eventually learn to know when the opponent is spinning or not and skip the :r::hk:.

In the end, it’s what suits you best. And for me, it’s all about eliminating the many variables that can screw me during those intense matches. Sure, knowing the shortcuts are fine, again, for me, it’s all about being safe and consistent. Good luck.