Having hard time to excuting moves in 3s with stick in MAME

Im using Hori Real Arcade Pro + USB PS1 controller converter.
In PS2, my stick works flawlessly. However, when I try to play 3s with my stick,
moves just wont come out. I was standing still and just doing qcfx2, but the supers are not coming out. I already enabled the joystick in the options and mapped the controls in Tab Menu : (U, D, L, R, UL, UR, DL, DR).

Is there anything else I can do or its just simply that 3s is harder to execute movees in MAME?



thanks, come again.

  1. don’t waste time mapping the diagonals

That happened to me when I first started out. You need to switch converters. I was using a SC2 Hori stick + Some adapter that I’m too lazy to look up the name of. I switched to DOA4 stick and now I’m good.

just use the usb>ps2 converter from radioshack, that shit works well with hraps, no lag.

Thats your best bet right there. I had the exact same problem you were having (same stick/converter too), but I lived with it for about two years. Finally, after being unable to dash in KOF 98 I decided to invest in the converter linked, just to test it out, and good God almighty does it work!

It feels like youre playing on the PS2. I can finally dash in KOF 98 without pushing forward 3-4 times. I also noticed stand 360s and other specials came out much easier in Garou and ST. I originally thought it was just my timing and/or the rom that was to blame for my shoddy execution, but the real culprit was that laggy piece of shit Radio Shack sold me.

Pick up that converter if you’re using an HRAP. You wont regret it.

You can also poll your USB drives… that might help.

odd, that “piece of shit from radioshack” works fine for me (hrap1). i used to have kiky converter but that had a very slight delay.

Get this shit. I had the exact same issue and Dr. Exodus fixed it for me by recommending this.

$15 is a small price to pay for good online play.

i use the T5 hori stick and i tried to use it with the radio shack convertor…but it seems that ill have to get the one ppl recommend unless there is some crazy way to adjust it to work with the T5 stick

Thanks for the quick reponse everyone.

Ill see if I can locate a gamestop in my area, since Im living in Toronto.

Ill let you guys know if im able to grab one.

P.S For those who pmed me, yes, Im bought it from Sourcecity(radioshack?).

Both my radioshack converters lag with my HRAP, are you using the original PCB?

Get the pelican ps2>ps3 converter and never worry about this again.

Ok, i just found out something new. It seems the game having difficulties recognizing the diagonal directions. Ive been testing this in the 3s Rom 's boot menu.

When I do a qcf, its quite often it will miss the diagonal direction. But when I just hold it to diagonal directions, it seems to work fine.

Could it be PS2 version of 3s is in easy mode, so inputs dont need to be as precise as 3s in arcade version?

Or is it the delay in converter causing this issue?

goddamnit, buy the damn converter already. 2D fighters don’t require diagonals to be set, as UDLR cover them. BUY THE CONVERTER. CLOSE THREAD.

yup original pcb. although something interesting to note… when i first plugged it into the usb on the front of my pc, it lagged, but when i plugged it to the port in the back…zero lag.

i use a hrap 2 and i have the pelican converter from gamestop/ebgames. it works nice for me, so its ur converter!

the newer radio shack pc adapter had no lag for me
i used the super joybox 10 xbox to pc with a gemini walmart ps2 to xbox adapter plugged into the sj10 and had no lag

get a doa4/vf5 or an hrap 3
preferably the hrap3
direct usb ftw