Having issues with a converter/stick and pad


I have recently switched from my old pc pad, which has been beaten to death by my Chun charging in st- the down key is literally less functional because of it. My style of charging is charging during almost everything I do, so I can just whip out whatever move.

I have a new converter. It worked the first time I used it, on the “p3” switch (it has a p3 and 360 switch, it is ps2 to 360… maybe ps3, I don’t really know, it has two usb ins), using the standard pc usb in. Now the pc wont recognize that it or the pad/stick is plugged in. My stick when plugged into a 360 would not be recognized, even on the 360 switch. Neither does my 15th anniversary edition stick work with the converter on pc I don’t know what’s going on here. Driver problem?
Is there a converter for ps2- 360/pc usb that anyone can recommend? I know some people out there use their hraps and namco sticks like this still.

pretty sad though not getting in some damage off of a ryu down parry.


Joytron Xconverter 360 Plus

This is what I have. Works great.


With most Xbox 360 converters, you have to have an Xbox 360 controller plugged in in addition to your stick. For other questions/recommendations, there is already an awesome thread about converters in tech talk.


like plug the pad into the 360 or converter? my converter only converts one thing at a time.
also i use this thing for pc.


Why don’t you go to the Tech Talk forums with this?