Having issues with a mod, HELP! plz


Hey, I just got done modding a T6 special edition stick, making it wired via chtulhu, I have everything wored up correctly, but whenever I press start the PS home menu comes up and then all my buttons and stick stop working? I have a designated home button, so start shouldn’t be bringing home up? Any thoughts?


I doubt you have it wored up correctly. Because I can only guess perhaps you wired up home wrong. Pictures if you want better answers.


well it may be one of these:
1.you wired it up weird (check wiring)
2.if there’s a “LS,DP,RS” option, then maybe you have to change that.
3.the code you used on the cthulu maybe got a bad flash, or that your wiring in conjunction with how the cthulu works so that when you hit the home button something else is also happening as well.

i’d look carefully at the home part of the cthulu


Thanks for the replies guys, I fixed the issue today, I crossed the signal the the select button which caused the start to bring up the xmb and then disable all the buttons… -_-