Having issues with DP while crouching

I play sakura and a lot of her combos goes into linking a crouch into a DP but I have issues of having it coming out on stick I also have the same issues with Elena where I try to do lynx tail and it comes out as a cr lk(I don’t have issues doing it on 3rd strike) but it gets annoying to do combos and end up falling short?? Any tips

Forward, down to down-forward. Remember that’s all ya gotta do. Of course, it’s easier to do standing because you can start by holding forward.

Try watching your hands, taking it slow in training mode a few times while slowly speeding up your motion until it becomes as fast as you need it to be.

Basically just fudge around in training mode until you get comfortable. It’s really as simple as practicing it for a bit. It will come naturally.

On a side note, street fighter 4’s input buffering system is a little strange and could be causing some problems for you. Are you getting hadou? or nothing at all? If you get hadou you are too slow ( also ending on forward ), getting nothing is too fast essentially.

I get hado every blue moon but if I know I’m gonna fuck up i swap it into a tatsu and back up

I do a crouching dp like this:
Hold down or downback, move to forward input, then to down and slide it further to downforward, DO NOT end it in forward.
A way to think about it is doing the d, df after the forward input in a little “c” motion. So press forward, small “c” in the corner and END it in df.

You can ofcourse use the df,d,df input shortcut too, though in older games that won’t work.

Now it’s just practice honestly, turn on input display and look if you are hitting the 3 required inputs and properly end it in df.

In SFIV just use the shortcut to DP while crouching. DF, D, DF.

Though thats easier to say than do. But it still helps

For me, the problem with doing crouching DP was that I always ended them en F instead of DF.

Once I realize that, it was pretty simple to solve:

START the whole sequence thinking really hard and visualizing: “The final position of the stick must be DF”.

Please notice you must start the sequence thinking like that, do not wait until you are finishing it.