Having joystick issues


I have only used fighstick for 2 years now. my execution is still not good. I used the jlf for about a month upgraded to the 2lb spring and kowal. i loved the spring but the kowal seems to make way to many errors it could be my sloppy excution. i bought a hori haybusa i fell in love with it the gate on it the corners are deeper. slapped a 2lb spring and spent most of my time on it went back to the jlf with kowal and for what ever reason the 2lb dont seem as tight maybe i grown used to the feel. but still the 1.0 kowal is just been awful for my excution. should i try a .5 kowal on the jlf go back to stock and just use the 2lb? i tried going back to the default spring but i just hate it. i have a ls 56 spring even tho it dont fit on my jlf or hori unless i cut some of it off. should i try a 32 or 33 ls spring or should i try a 3 spring too

i don’t know what to think or do anymore


There is no .5 kowal. If you like the hayabusa with its stock actuator (longer engage and their than a jlf) there’s no reason to use an oversized actuator. Tighter engage zones (like an oversized actuator provides) require more precision, and are a matter of preference.


Im not sure its a tech issue maybe its your technique. I had only a square gate on my venom, as my TE wasnt working and had no problems
try this video https://youtube.com/watch?v=IXP0kc9Sry8&index=8&list=WL


i’m talking about the 0.5 from paradise arcade was thinking about trying that with the jlf 8

i did like the hayabusa but when returning to netrual it just felt wobbly like hold down let go of stick all together it looks wobbly with 2lb spring

i’m just at a lost what to try spring wise too when i first got the 2lb spring it was almost too stiff now its feeling lighter and butter the way the stock jlf felt and i did not like that.

i know its all perfrence i had no idea the hayabusa had a longer engage i thought it was shorter then a stock sanwa?


that’s what i used with my haybusa when i got it. but this kowal to many dps and things i dont want to happen come out. it might be my excution but i have heard people saying the 1.0 kowal was to much and the 0.5 from pardaise arcade is better for the jlf


The question is why are you using a spring? I can never say I have ever seen use for one in the arcades or at home. all my sticks before the TE were a piece of crap as well, maybe thats why I learnt to cope


I like the 2lb spring just makes it feel stiffer and not like a toy but the throw distance in stock jlf threw me off so i got the 1.0 kowal and second i put it in i didn’t like it at all so i said screw it got a hayabusa and put the 2lb spring and i enjoyed it but i figured lets see if i can find a way to get the jlf to like me. so thats why i’m curious if http://www.paradisearcadeshop.com/518-actuators the 0.5’s are worth trying


Springs are cheap, try any weight you can find if you’re worried about it. Lots of different oversized actuators avaliable also, it just doesn’t sound to me like a tight engage is your thing though.


it felt fine on the hayabusa and that was suppose to have shorter and faster throw distance


It doesn’t. There’s a different feel, but the engage and throw are both a bit longer. Not saying that’s necessarily a bad thing- it’s preference.


hmm i could of sworn anyway i just put the stock acutator back in the jlf with just the 2lb spring about to test it out.

Much smaller contact point between shaft and base
Increased responsiveness for faster, more accurate inputs
Reduced movement when extended in any direction

thought thats wat the hayabusas does was have better engage then the jlf


My measurements and trials say no, but maybe your Hayabusa is different.


well i’m digging the stock acutator on the jlf and 2lb spring i think the kowal is to much for a noob like me.


Your wording is extremely confusing. Just to be 100% clear, JLF with kowal oversized actuator has a tighter engage and a shorter throw distance than with the stock JLF actuator. Stock JLF has a slightly tighter engage and shorter throw than stock Hayabusa.


i’m digging the stock with 2lb sprint on the jlf i don’t like the kowal. i also liked my hayabusa with just a 2lb spring.