Having more room to add friends

100 friends to add is ridiculous to me cause everytime i wanna add someone i have to sacrifice someone else its not fair to them or me cause i feel bad so tell me what you guys think

I have heard Microsoft will update the limit to 200 (or unlimited?).

I have the same problem

I took off dudes who were “offline”, meaning they been offline forever so they’re just dead or something anyway.

Then I went to avatars I didn’t like.

Then it was dudes who have any Madden football game on their card.

Now I don’t know what to do.

they should make an update for xbox live to add more people

maybe you guys shouldnt add everyone you play

i don’t think it’s that but i have met alot of really cool players online that are my level… and waaaaay better … and had a shyt load of fun so, people add people depending on how much fun they had or what ever… i guess you don’t have many friends lol.

i agree i think they should extend it… because i play forza seriously sthd remix seriously samurai showdown 2 seriously … and it’s cool finding those fight’s that you are stretch to the limit having fun.