Having problems canceling



Hi, im new to SF and im having problems canceling cl.HP xx Axe Kick.
I can´t do it consistently. I play on pad (d-pad).

My inputs for the cancel are: cl.HP, db-f-fu+MK
Might be a timing problem and input problem (sometimes i end with df+MK).

Any easier way to do it or its a matter of practice?

Thank you.


It is a matter of practice. I always teach people to try and hit every input possible. Also, this may help with how fast you are doing the directional input as that is the most important part to getting a special move out. Whenever you do the Cl.St.Hp try hold back at the same time. This takes away the process of pressing another input. the faster you can get the directional input out the more successful you will be. And for your ending input try to make sure your forward input is together with your mk input. Basically at the same time.

also your inputs should look like this (Back+Cl.St.Hp, Down Back, Down, Down Forward, Forward+Mk Axe Kick)


I end a lot with: DF+MK instead of F+MK. The timing on the canceling seems faster than HP xx LK Tatsu!
I think i must practice more. Not giving up!


For some reason I have an issue canceling c.HP after an fadc. So just off a jump in or crumple I can cancel into axe kick no problem, but I try to go cr.mk xx fireball xx fadc xx cl.HP xx mk Axe Kick the axe kick doesn’t come out. Any one else have this sort of problem?


it’s just a matter of getting the stick back into the BACK position and then being able to cancel the HP fast enough. I understand your troubles though, it is a bit weird to dash then immediately have to do a half circle forward. The only real solution is just practice. Good luck future Hado Master