Having problems displaying 1080p on XBox 360

I was originally thinking of asking this in the Xbox 360 thread, but I didn’t want this question to be lost in that thread because of how oversaturated that thread is.

I have a 42 Toshiba 1080p tv [Regza model I believe], yet for some reason, my Xbox 360 will not display video signals in 1080p. All that happens is a black screen appears before it switches back to 1080i. Is there anyway to get past this, as it’s a real pain in the ass for me. I certainly know it’s not my tv, because I can play DVD’s just perfectly fine in 1080p. I want to be able to do the same for my games

Try using a different HDMI cable. Some cheap cables don’t support the volume of data that 1080p requires. It’s not worth spending a ton on something like a Monster cable, but just check that it at least supports rev 1.3 or higher.
Obviously, the cable you are using for the dvd player is working… you could try that?

what type of cable are you using first of all…I have a 47" toshiba and it will not display 1080p over vga, I had to use component cables (I hav an old xbox which doesnt have hdmi).

Also keep in mind some older versions of the Xbox 360 console only display up to 720p. Still many games have the max resolution capped at 720p or even 480p.

hmmm that’s interesting, my monitor + xbox thru vga can easily get to 1080p

[S]also fuck monster cable[/S]
[S]its just some overdressed cable with “gold connectors” on the outside[/S]
[S]which is the shielding[/S]
[S]which is fucking useless[/S]

oh wait, that’s regarding usb, you need good shielding for audio/video cables
my bad


once you see the pricing for cables, you’d go like why the hell does my run of the mill best buy charge me out my nose for a cable

I am using a VGA cable. I don’t have a HDMI cable for my Xbox 360 [it has a HDMI port though], and my Xbox 360 is one of the Xbox 360 Elite models from like 2007 or something.