Having problems executing on one side

alright heres the thing. I use Ryu as my main character and while i was using the dpad i had problems executing his moves on the right side… mainly just the fadc ultras. Now that i have the madcatz se arcade stick i only have issues on the left side executing that combo. Ive figured out that the reason why its so much easier to do on the right side is because im flicking my thumb towards my palm thus just easier to control… where as on the left side rotating the stick away from the palm just feels awkward and loose… I was hoping to see if any of u guys have this same issue and have any tips on how to execute this properly. right now i can do it 100 percent of the time on the right side at will… on the left its more like 50 percent.

Its hard because you have to move your wrist muscle farther than the other directions, especially in the up-right position. One thing that is extremely useful is realizing that you don’t need to go all the way to the gate when you are executing the moves, so you can minimize that distance.

Other than that, its just practice and getting very comfortable knowing where the directions are.