Having problems fighting ryu with cammy



I’m having problems fighting ryu with cammy it seems like almost everything I do he can just about counter any advise ?


To highjack this really generic thread:

Should people be able to mash DP their way out of a EX-Ground Cannon Strike on wakeup? Or is that me fucking up the timing?

What about throwing them up wake up, should they be able to DP out of that or is that a timing fuck up?


If you’re fighting a good Ryu winning is close extremely difficult. Be patient and wait for an opportunity to get a good combo/KD in.

The DP is a reversal so yes they can mash and, more times than not, it will beat your TKCS. For the throw if they are mashing DP it will get beat everytime (at least from my experience).


What exactly are you having problems with? You have to be more specific, or otherwise no one can give you adequate advice.


And yes.

Don’t forget Cammy has a DP also and is able to do the same.


I thought that if you try to throw on wake-up, it’ll whiff. And then you’ll be smacked by a DP – if they are mashing it. Correct me if I’m wrong.


If I’m not mistaken (correct me also) the throw whiffs because of the reversal added to the DP on wake (on mash).


It depends on how soon you attempt the throw. If it’s too soon, it’ll whiffs regardless of what your opponent does. It’s balancing mechanic Cap’com placed in the game to stop people from abusing throws on wake-up. If you attempt the throw a little later (when you literally are able to throw), it’ll lose for the reason you’ve stated.


My bad shouldve been more specific i usually have a lot of problems facing ryu when I do spinning knuckles or hooligans I’m like damn he can practically counter every move any suggestion on combos ? Sorry im new talking on here


Spinning Back Fist (SBF) and Hooligan have long startup times. They can easily be DP’d on reaction if they are expecting it. Spinning backfist can go through projectiles in the beginning frames so if you are a safe distance away, you can use LP SBF or LP Hooligan to go through them. Only time I suggest using SBF is when you can see an obvious fireball about to be thrown. Hooligan is pretty much a no go if the Ryu is good as most players will just crouch it. For combos check out the stickies on the top of the Cammy page. Great stuff there. Also check out Alioune Optimized Combos thread for extra combos although they do require more execution to pull off.


@tkcs11 sight cool thanks


There are threads already on optimal combos (Here). Of the top of my head, the optimal combo for a standing Ryu is always going to be the Sako combo
Standing Close MP
Crouching FP
Crouch MK
Spiral Arrow

And for ground
Spiral Arrow

Feel free to change these though, I understand not everyone is comfortable with the harder links (I’m not always 100%) and so you can go for more basic stuff EG Close Fierce, Crouch MP Spiral Arrow etc. There guides are just for help, they aren’t a rule book : ).

The matchup specifically, you need to pick the right times to jump in. It’s quite a patient match up, so standing mk , stand roundhouse and standing lp are going to be your friends in the footsie game. Once you have a bit of meter he has to beware of your neutral jump EX CS. You need to make the most of your knockdowns, which goes without saying for any matchups obviously, but I feel it’s more important in a match like this because you don’t know how many chances you will get. I think this is in cammys favor though as her damage is far more than Ryu can put out. Once you get ultra you can reversal a blocked sweep from Ryu, and if you don’t have ultra you can do Super or even a regular spiral arrow. EX Spiral Arrow, Ultra and Super are your friends for getting through fireball happy Ryus, don’t use spin knuckle as you need to do the move before the fireball starts to hit him, so you will always be guessing with that.


I said this in another thread but: back throw > walk up > meaty ex dive kick on wake up especially on 3 frame reversal shotos is STILL a good safe jump againt ryu.