Having Problems w/ Mag infinite

It seems like i can never the timing right on the infinite i understand how to start it but to keep it going any help would be appreciated…

i think for to import these kicks, having to addf 2k for a slower times. :tup:

well first of all how are you missing it?

if you are whiffing a hit anywhere… then learn it with out that hit… you dont HAVE to do two lks up and down. you are talkign about rom right?

it is possible to mash a rom. Practice on a big character like juggs and mash lk and lp on the way up and down… this way you can go fast without having to worry about the wieght of the character cause hell be right above the ground the whole time. just mash.

ummm we already have several threads concerning this…


After the first 2 lk’s up coming down is where the combo breaks. As far as Sentinel and Juggs I can get the 2 lk’s up and the 3 hits down thats no problem. It just happens with the regular characters…

are you doign it from a launch?

anyway there is alot of ways to set it up… what i would reccomend popping the characters you cant do the infinite on with any low juggling assist like mags proj. or bbhood proj. and the starting the infinite with the latter half of it.

The only problems you could be having:

A. You arent high enough above the opponent when you do AD/DF short, forward, therefor your first kick whiffs under the opponent and the combo breaks.

B. There is too much space between your AD/DF and the initial short. The kick is right after the dash. Think like (sj.)lk…lk…AD/DF.lk…lk.(sj.)lk…lk
I really hope im making any sense at all with that one XD

It seems like B is the choice when I do the AD/DF there is a slight hesitation and that is where the combo breaks

it might be what Risuno said. the first short, after your ADDF. it has to be fast or it breaks the combo. i use to have that problem but not anymore.

**[2 LKs up…slight pause…ADDF…lk…lk] **

Repeat. notice the periods in the transcript, they’re there to tell how much time to spend. Good luck!

I finally got it i never thought i would ever get it but i did…thanks everybody for the advice…:woot::woot::woot::woot::woot:

:rofl: I bet when you got it you was like “Now that I think about it… it’s fairly easy.” You should watch some videos of people playin’ and doin’ the ROM. Its easy to do and learn.

Hell yeah I thought it would be hard but it is very easy

Whenever I get a joystick, I’ll post up a video of my hands playing it… Somebody had it a while ago, and I don’t know what happened to it… But I’ve been really lazy at making a new one when I had a stick, and now that I don’t, i’m even more reluctant to do so.

I was trying to teach a friend the other day how to ROM…ugh showing him my hands and helping him with timing, but some people just have bad execution habits that would need to be erased first, then you can start from scratch. I don’t know if he’ll ever learn it, but eh…


what does this mean?

air dash down forward

This is really noobish, but how do you preform a AD/DF? the standard dash command of DF,DF or F,F doesn’t seem to do anything when mag is in the air. Just neutral jumping it would seem he doesn’t even have an air dash. I’m sure I’m just missing something.


Air dash is an independent command. Direction + LP and HP at the same time while your in the air.


An old video of me doing the slide method. It’s very short, but if it helps somebody, then great. I had no idea that I was being recorded, but luckily it’s a good angle.

Edit: Lol looks like Mixah actually did finally make his video. I should’ve checked the other threads before posting, and I didn’t check the year of the posts LOL.