Having some execution errors with SF4


I’ve recently started up SF4 again, having not played since Vanilla but I’m having some awkward execution problems and I’m not 100% sure what the proper correction is, so I’m hoping for some confirmation that my hypotheses are correct.

  1. Yang, I have a very hard time confirming cr.mk xx Mantis without canceling into mk Kaihou instead, my understanding is that the negative edge ride from the cr.mk is causing the Kaihou to come out instead of a Mantis even though I’m pressing the corresponding Punch button I want to use, is this an issue of timing, or is the only solution to train myself to hold down the MK until I finish the the full command for the Mantis? (It’s a little challenging since I do play on a pad right now)

  2. Rufus, Dive Kicks into Tornado are extremely hard for me to execute for some odd reason, I consistently end up with Snake Strikes instead, but I’ve never had this problem performing SRK and QCF motions on pretty much any other character, so my theory is that the Dive Kick DF motion is being buffered into the the following QCF motion and I must be hitting the Punch button too soon in the rotation and I’m somehow triggering a F, D, DF motion from that.

  3. Somewhat similar, but more in general, for any characters that have forward SRK and QCF moves, what’s the appropriate method of doing walk forward low confirms? Like for Ryu, if I want to do walk forward cr.mk xx fireball, how do I avoid that becoming a cr.mk SRK? Do I need to pause after the walk for the forward command to drop from the buffer?


  1. Stop holding the button. Just tap it, or let your finger slide off of it before you input the commands for the mantis.
  2. You’re holding the d/f too long. Again, tap d/f+mk and let go. Wait for it to finish and do the hadoken motion. It’s also possible that you’re hitting the punch too early. :df:+mk:, land, :d:, :df:+:p: :f: will give you the snakes.
  3. Yes. Also, the sensitivity on that particular thing is getting fixed in Ultra, so you might not have that problem in a few months regardless.