Having some real trouble vs. Blanka



Just wondering if anyone has any advice on this matchup. I know it’s supposedly about even but I seem to lose against Blankas even if I can beat the same player with whoever else they might pick. It’s like the instant Blanka steps into the ring my game falls apart, so I was just looking for some advice. Not sure if I’m just falling for shenanigans but my win record vs. Blanka sucks…I literally do better against Akumas. Main issues -

-Can’t really throw Sonic Booms safely because he can just slide on reaction, but if I don’t then he gets in and starts trying to cross me up
-My normal anti-airs (C.HP, air throws, and the occasional flashkick) seem to be beaten out (or, best case, trade) with his jHK, so can barely even crouch safely
-Blanka balls are pretty hard to punish in general
-Can hardly do anything safely if he has an ultra
-Try to on offense and I’m liable to get electricity’d
-I still get caught by that stupid trick where he whiffs a blanka ball on purpose and then throws me right after…I know you can just backdash but I always seem to get caught off guard by it

Just looking to see how other people tend to approach this matchup. Kinda frustrating for me to be free for one character. Maybe I should use focus attacks more…?


I’m pretty bad at fighting Blanka in general but here’s a few notes

There is a certain range further out where you really shouldn’t boom but here’s some thing an excellent local Blanka told me: As Blanka gets closer than backfist range, you actually want to throw HP boom because the faster travel speed means the boom is more likely to hit him before he can reaction slide. If you think about it, his reaction time is the same but now the projectile is already in his face rather than hanging out in front and if he gets hit then the recovery time doesn’t matter.

Light and EX Flash Kick are ok but you need to time them with a little more care so they hit deep. Don’t forget to use Jump Back HK, especially if he is trying to cross you up all the time. Little risk to yourself and helps you get out of sticky situations. If he gets super predictable with cross-up jumps, once in a blue moon you can try neutral standing HK as an anti-crossup but you have to be pretty confident in the timing.

His Ultras really don’t deter you from doing much to be honest. It’s difficult for him to land U2 through boom and it’s not like U1 stops any of your options. It’s not like he can mash or easily combo into them either and he still needs down-back charge. U1 is often used as a wakeup 50/50 and U2 is usually done for chip (which is only safe for him if you let him pull to max range)

Mashing electricity during your strings isn’t exactly safe for him if you bait it out

A crouching jab will stuff a Blanka ball as he is in the air rolling towards you. Generally my gameplan against Blanka is to play super turtley. If you’re crouching there, there’s not much he can do except jump, hop or ball forward and hope to throw or provoke a reaction to open you up. If you feel like he’s going to hop or ball, just throw a few random jabs to fill the space infront of you and it will hit him preemptively out of a hop or ball. If he doesn’t hop or ball, throw a boom. Anti-Air if he tries to jump. Backdash and Focus both lose to ball, only try Focusing long range slides if he gets predictable. As long as you stop his ground hop/ball guessing games and don’t get knocked down, he is either going to jump or try some other shenanigan like random rainbow ball which loses to focus attack and crouching fierce. Otherwise if you have a life lead you can just crouch there all day.


Actually, if he goes for max range U2 chip, Guile can jump forward, land, instant s.hk to stop him. I think you may have to be frame perfect with it, but hey, it is what it is.

As a general tactic too, if you get the life lead, guile can sit on it pretty good in the match. Like, REALLY SIT on it. If you get a little chip in there even. Just hold down-back and let him hang himself. If he tries to hop or lp ball, just hit jabs and transition into a combo. If he jumps, flashkick or c.hp. His pokes aren’t good enough to really threaten.


Timing window for jump in > Instant S.HK definitely needs to be frame perfect. The slightest goof and you’ll be eating big damage. lol


Thats’s true, timing is tight, otherwise you will get hit by the second part of the that ultra, also if they grab you, then hop back and u2, you can teach them a lesson if you have full super meter, just do a FK Super, it will work as well.


I had one of those moments a while ago vs my Blanka friend. He did a hop back Ultra 2 and during the Ultra flash I thought ‘what if I just HK super?’ and I killed him with it. Blew his mind lol.