Having some trouble against oro

anyone have any pointers? until recently, no one at anywhere near a competitive level has played oro, but recently a couple players in my area have come out of nowhere and i’m having some trouble countering. anyone have any pointers?

…what are you getting hit by? there are too many different effective-ish ways to use oro, so it’s hard to give general strategy

just rape him ?
i use sa1 for some reason
jumping is kind of bad
c.mk is pretty good…

i’ve been losing to oro too. in particular his dashing back mk or pokes (nothing too predictable) and double jumping out.

then when its time to rush, he rushes, and i get damage’d from tengu stones and command grab combos and stuff like that. the guy isnt a scrub, and i have tried lots of stuff.

some things i noticed, dash up karasuka isnt as effective

tsurugis and jump in mixups arent too useful.

his shoryu is just as homo as shotos :[.

and one more thing is, im getting low parried a lot, and s.mp doesnt come out too fast -_-.

yeah tengu sucks…

if youre getting hit by command grab combos, umm… block more :smiley: i know that blocked command grab is pretty punishable… i’m not sure what makoto has to punish with though… s.lkxxlp.hayate maybe

i’ve never been rushed by oro too badly. don’t know what to do about that. if he jumps in, i usually just dash under, or meet him in the air with a j.hk. his double jump makes things tricky. if he dashes in, just watch for it and mash on c.mk when you see it? i dunno.

if he loves to do s.mk/s.hk, punish his whiffs with fierce hayate… and you mentioned him dashing back… if he does it a lot, don’t be afraid to throw out a random ex hayate sometimes

getting low parried a lot = you mash too much :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
if you’re getting parried during a similar situation each time, go for a dash,throw or something instead of hitting a button

[no guarantee that any of this rambling is useful]

Important thing with this match is that its a different fight overall than the other characters in the game. Oro has specific pokes that can beat you, so it’s important with the footsies. SAI is probably her best choice because catching oro is one hard mofo if you have SAII anyways (also not really much chance to utilize her ex moves). The most important thing imo is scoring a knockdown where you can find momentum to do big damage. Oro cannot really do damage offensively, but rather but scoring damage off mistakes. His damage will come from knockdowns, throws, baiting throws, dash crossup when u jump and mp and tengu. If you can bait whiffs with hayate that will help too. If he’s double jump happy, try to anti air him esp with jump back mk. Having a full offensive arsenal helps too.

I heard blocked command grab is like a shoto sweep, though I’m not sure if that only applies to the fierce version. In any case, I know you can punish a shoto sweep with low strong into fierce hayate. Or even better, low strong xx short into hayate. :rofl:

edit: I just tried it out and all three strengths of Oro’s command grab are punishable by low strong hayate.

wait… since when can you low strong xx short? c.c;

in anycase fukiage’s work pretty beastily against oro’s since the times i’ve fought oro (jinrai @ evo) be carefull of cross up’s and that jump in multi kick deal so either backdash or fukiage imo. Unfortunatly i never beat jinrai his oro is quite strong but i don’t like the unblockable’s more than i don’t like stones it’s scarier to me at least.

Ever since I suck at editing my own posts. It should be low strong xx SAIII short hayate. I’m pretty sure it’s not worth it, but it would look cool.

my 2 cents: [ab]use of F+Hp, c. Mp and don’t jump often, cause if Oro trades s. Mp, Mak can suffer like a w**e. Don’t trying to Meaty him, at least if Oro’s cornered, is a good option too. :wink:

About Oro’s Pokes: The worst poke against Mak is his c. Mp and his s. Kicks, but if you dash into him in the right time [often in mid game. ;)], you can avoid his s. Mk and punish. Avoid Kara’d him, it’s a waste of time [IMO]

Edited a term. Thx to Mackinzie

i think the term is waste of time ^^

yeah meaty vs oro is too strong if oro gets parry you loose like half your health if he has meter if it’s sa2 that could be the end of you completely if you can’t parry unblockables.

You can meaty but watch your spacing, point blank and obvious and it will be your ass.

st rh can save your ass from time to time when your not in the corner

(turns his cl strong into his far strong, and can (and usually does) cause his rh kara throw to whiff in his tick throw/fishing for parry trap)

Very true against Oro.

s.roundhouse key if your caught up in the poke wars w/ oro
oro cant truly rush you down, he has to force you into walking into big damage if its either fake jump attacks or whiffed throws our beating you out w/ pokes. he doesnt have that scary kinda rushdown that makes you wanna stop blocking.
the big damage he can really get is only from his supers since they are either unblockable or you will inevitably get comboed into one of them. even then at worst you’re giving up about 50%

i think biggest keys are

-stay alert, recognize when oro’s trying to bait or trick you
-stay patient, dont run into shit, its easy to do since your makoto and u wanna be aggresive.
-realize when your gettin outpoked on the ground, poke wars arent the best options in this matchup

edit: i just realized i reiterated most of 2Hai’s post…sory lol

c.mk ftw. beats practically anything oro has

wonder how good meaty twards fierce is vs oro >.>

My strategy is to do nothing until he does something punishable then c.lk x lp hayate x saI for like what? half or more life bar.

This sounds simple but it’s unbelievably true. I spam this shit all day. The only thing I’ve seen even trade with it is his far standing mp or c.mp.

Maybe that’s happened in your dreams… in the real life: Oro’s c. Hp and s. Hk beats Makoto’s c. Mk and s. Mp. (you can see it often… and i suffered it often too. U_U)

true but those moves have a long startup and at close range c.mk will stuff them before they get to their active frames. If you’re abusing the poke so consistently that he can see the exact second when to rh/c.fp then you’re not doing it right.

see you guys what i do is use my well trained eye to count frames and well if you can’t do that yet you all are scrubs i just c.jab everything forever and then i win because i count frames