Having some trouble


Just picked this game up the other day, though I have some fighter game experience from playing CvS2 for about a year.

I started out with C.Viper and after learning some of her tricks in training mode, went online for some matches.

I played a Ken player off the bat, and it seems things would go pretty normal and then when I got the knockdown and tried to press the advantage it seems like he had more options then me. For example I would try for a meaty jump in roundhouse to set up a block string but it got Srk’d, ok, fair enough. a bit later a did a back throw, dashed up to him and did a instant crossover flame kick, autocorrect Srk. Okay, that’s a bit annoying. A bit later I knock him down again, dash up, obviously I expect him to do a third Srk in a row so I block, he see’s I did nothing and throws me.

I end up having to try the win off of stupid stuff like lucky Ex Seismo’s

This continues to happen even when I play against other characters, it seems almost the whole cast has a get out of jail free card, though some have it a lot easier than others. (Shoto’s, Sagat, Zangief, E.Honda to name a few.)

Am I missing something here? Am I not supposed to be pressing advantage after a knockdown? Were the options I did not good ideas? Is there a way to get around reversals like SRK,Tiger Uppercut, Zangeif 360/Lariat, ect.?


Depending on meter, opponents mindstate, life left, time left, those ideas may or may not have been smart. This game is way different from cvs2 because normals have so little hitstun, making meaties really hard. On top of that, a lot of the cast have an easyway to get around them so you have to target wakeups specifically to beat out as many options as you can untill you make your opponent scared to press buttons. THEN you meaty since you’ve removed reversals from your opponents mind. Read up on your characters safe jumps and “fake safejumps” which sorta hit meaty and avoid reversal srks.

Also online is full of dumb scrubs so just block and punish + safe jumps and you’ll get to 2000pp no problem.


Defense is strong in SSF4, so it can sometimes seem useless to be aggressive. Aggressive play can still win, but you’ll have to work a lot harder than your opponent. That’s just how it is. As for the specific circumstances you cited, you’ll just have to learn to play safe. You’re using Viper, so it’s normal to spend a couple of weeks getting absolutely destroyed before you start winning. Maybe less if you already have some solid fundamentals and just need to get into the SSF4 mindset.


You have to read the opponent better, plain and simple. Humans are actually really bad at being truly random. Everyone has habits they fall back on. Your job is to identify these habits, force them into it, then destroy them for it. Pay very close attention to the opponent, how he reacts to things, how he moves. How does he approach, how is he spacing, etc. All of these things will clue you into what the opponent is thinking. Once you’re in his head, that’s when Viper shines.

A lot of it is just practice. After enough matches with Viper, I just find myself unconsciously thinking “He’s gonna SRK this time,” so I block, and most of the time they do. Just practice getting into your opponent’s head and it will come in time.

Edit: Keep in mind that Viper’s learning curve is brutal. Most people spend a few weeks barely winning a game before she starts to click.


More and more practice will help you learn three essential things.

First you will get a better idea of the general flow of the game and the standard wakeup options that all characters share.
Second, you will start to hit more difficult combos and be able to play the game at a faster pace.
Lastly, you will start to learn match up specific tactics. Once you have your own style down and your combos are tight, you can learn the nitty gritty details of each match up and THAT is when your win streaks will start big time. Learning a match up is vital to winning consistently. It helps you stick to a game plan and play smart (less mashing and twitchy random ultras).

For me, knowing the match up is the biggest aid in staying frosty during a fight.

Perhaps play around with a lot of the challenges/trials to experience different characters and pick a secondary fighter for those times you get frustrated with Viper (and it WILL happen). She’s tough to learn. Maybe check out the C. Viper character thread, or search for some videos with good Viper play.