Having to take a dump during tournament match


Has this happen to anyone? I remember back then I was about to play a match and all of a sudden I had to take a huge dump. Doing the match I farted a couple of times, and I think that sort of pissed my opponent off, because he was sitting right next to me.

Sounds like a silly topic, but I figure why not bring something fresh to talk about FG related.


I shit on people with Urien, does that count?


Not really because the topic is about having to take a shit doing your match, not shitting on someone doing a match.


Shit ain’t fresh :rofl:

In all seriousness though, hold it or if it’s a mega emergency, then just ask to go.

If you beat your opponent.
Shit on him.
Tell him to hold that shit.


this could have potential

I will accept this as one of the reasons why alot of players smell like ass…


They play like ass too


Drop it like it’s hot.


id rather drop my turd in my pants then drop a combo


Locked, topic creator infracted. Don’t make shitty threads.