Having trouble against P/K grapplers


I play N Hibiki, Rock, Yun, and recently I have had a lot of trouble against grapplers that can parry or just defend well. The trouble is with Yun, the other two have enough range to take care of it but with Yun they just parry and grab me. Even his long range normals don’t keep him far enough away. Any help at all would be appreciated.


[captain obvious]

Don’t let him parry/JD you. If you’re using moves that let him parry/JD and he ALWAYS gets the parry/JD, stop doing them. Or at least stop doing them so he can anticipate them.

If you can read his parry/JD you can try to attack a slight second after so it won’t work, but it’s not easy.

If he’s beating you just because of parry/JD, it’s up to you to change it.

[/captain obvious]


i agree there, i to play n groove team, but if i know hes going to play a k/p groove team i use my a groove team, i always play 2 teams. but 2 stop that as soon as he parries roll and active your n groove for a level 3 super or roll cancel into a super:rolleyes:


Yeah, I know I should mix it up against people but none of my friends play all that much. Mostly I just play a few games by myself now and then. Lately Zangief has just really been a bitch.

I thought about trying an A groove team but I don’t really know who I want to use.


Yeah… Yun kinda dies when they JD your lunge punches. The poor bastard has to hit Gief like 800 times to kill him, and all his cool mixups and throws and stuff make him get close where it’s VERY dangerous. Maybe you could try asking in the Yun thread? I would also like to hear how Yun players handle this match.


Zangief owns Yun. Why argue?


who’s arguing?


Mix it up.

With yun, try some empty jumps into a jab lunge? Use the fake umm… qcb punch move (forgot name)


he’s looking for a laggy move to jd/parry, i suggest playing footsies for the obvious.