Having trouble being consistent with combos

right now im practicing my hit confirms in training mode, i’ve been doing it for almost two hours

the first half hour i can do my combo ~80% of the time

j.hk > c.lk > s.lp x2 > c.mk xx fierce shouoken

but for the last hour and a half i’ve been able to get the shouoken to come out maybe 5 times, i don’t understand what i’m doing wrong. it happens every time i try to do work in the lab. has anyone had this problem when they first started playing? what did you do to fix it?

Practice more and don’t make threads about not being able to do a combo… I don’t mean to be a dick, but the only real “trick” to doing combos is to practice. And there’s already tons and tons of executional advice throughout srk. You really don’t need to make a new thread asking “why can’t i do this combo?”. If you really, really feel the need to ask it however, do it in the q&a thread or in the general discussion thread. But anyways, try to figure out how your inputs have changed from the time of being able to execute and the time when you can’t. You must be missing inputs if the problem is the shouken. Learn what inputs in this game allow for a dp motion to be registered and make sure you’re getting those inputs in.

The common execution tips all come into play there. Use plinking for the cr.mk and dp shortcut for the shou, the practice til the screws on the stick mounting plate come loose.

And don’t give a fuck when you drop your combos online. If you don’t drop your combos offline then you should be fine.

Try practicing the combo from, s.lpx2>c.mk>shoryuken. This will make it a whole lot easier. use the in game shortcuts, so when you hit crouching mk, make sure your stick/pad, is in the down forward position, then all you have to do is go down backwards, down forwards medium punch. done.