Having trouble cancelling Crouching H into Team Hyper

Ive seen many videos of haggar players ending their combos with crouching H then Team Hyper. Ive been trying to do it in training mode but Ive had no luck. Is there a trick to it?

What I do is crH xx Pipe xx team hyper.

Remember, you can only cancel crH into f+H (pipe) in Ultimate, but since Haggar can whiff cancel, that’s what you do.

The instant Haggar is winding up for pipe, cancel into special, hyper, or THC

If you see the opponent is still at least somewhat airborne during the super flash you did it right.

You also have to make sure you don’t roll forward during the command to pipe. If the game sees the heavy violent axe command, it won’t cancel. So let the stick back to neutral for a moment.