Having trouble dealing with a certain team...(UMvC3)

Hey guys,

Seems every time I log onto PSN to play some UMvC3, this same asshole pops into every match or lobby I go for and just rocks my non-existent ovaries into a vortex of failure that only resembles the feces created when shame eats too much stupidity.

This guy uses Taskmaster as his point character - which is fine, honestly, I enjoy fighting against a good Taskmaster, but it’s the assist characters…it’s Hulk and Sentinel, while I’m getting “DROwned” by Sentinel he’s Gamma something every five seconds with Hulk, I’ve tried to just block, wait for an opening…Tried to use my low to the ground characters and attempt to get them in the air…but it just doesn’t work.

I’m aware part of the reason is likely “Because I suck ass at this game” But dammit, I’m trying to get better and after a while mission mode/training mode just gets damn boring.

I guess I’m just looking for a decent strat against a team like this? I don’t have a “Set in stone” team yet, so I’m open to suggestions for an anti-That Guy team. (I’m not posting his PSN ID because I’m pretty sure that’s illegal, apart from being in bad taste)

Sorry for the long post! Hopefully someone has SOME kinda advice.

I use Taskmaster against Hulk. It’s practically free; Hulk has no good long ranged options and Taskmaster has that delicious Shield Skills/Back Grab option select. Against derpy Hulks who just spam GAMMA CHARGE ONE MORE this will always, always work.

You can do the same with any other character that gets a lot of damage off of his grabs. I use Skrull too and Elastic Slam will make Hulk players hate you forever. Skrull’s arm doesn’t have a hitbox and the grab itself is cinematic so it’ll go right through drones!

Great advice! Thanks.

Well when fighting Hulk you gotta respect the moves with hyper armor. When he abuses gamma charge your best bet is to push block for breathing room and counter with high priority or multi hitting normals/supers. Keep hulk at a distance and dont be scared to abuse projectiles.